The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


24. Chapter 24

  I didn’t know what to do. I am going to make sure that she got a proper burial. I picked up her wet body and carried her through the jail as the rain poured down my back and the tears flowed down my face. The blood from her body washed off from the rain.  I walked home carrying her body sweetly down the street and back to the trailer. With every step, my heart broke a little more and my lung grew heavy. I don't know how I could have let this happen. I was just one second late. The memories of her pounded into my head. I looked down to see that my tears we falling on her pale face. I wiped her face dry even though it wasnt very helpful since we were in the middle of a hurricane. Everything that mattered to me just seemed to vanish. My dear was dead.. Yet I kept walking. When I finally reached the trailer, I gulped and tried to stop crying as I entered with her in my arms.  

"makie! Harry, what happened?" Malena asked. I could help but cry again. I felt the wet salty tears in my eyes flow down my face. I ignored Malena and kept walking into her bedroom and placed her there delicately. I kissed the top of her forehead and sat on the bed at her side. Liam walked over to me and grabbed my arm saying, "come on Harry. Let's get you cleaned up." "you shut up! It's all your fault anyway!" I screamed at Liam. I couldn't help it. I was broken. Liam backed up and walked away from me without saying a word. I stroked her hair. Lauren walked over to me trying to comfort me too saying, "Makie wouldn't want you to do this. She wouldn't want you to cry like that." "you don't understand! This all my fault! I am the one who called the police and got her arrested!" I screamed. "but she is the one who killed Danielle," Lauren mentioned. "no she didn't. She said that so she could protect the murder. She is suppose to protect all of us even the murder in this room," I informed between tears. "she was protecting us?" Lauren questioned. I couldn't answer. The tears flowed harder than ever. So I nodded in response. I felt like when I nodded my tears flew everywhere. "I will leave you alone then," Lauren stated walking away. 

There was a knocking on the door but I ignored it. I was too busy with Makie. "you know she is still alive," I heard a voice behind me say. "makie?" I questioned drying my tears.


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