The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


20. Chapter 20

 It was Ross Lynch. “Ross Lynch?” I questioned just standing there staring at him too. “Makenzie?” Ross questioned. “You two know each other?” Lauren asked. “It has been a long time hasn’t it,” Ross continued. “Too long,” I mentioned. “And how would you know each other?” Lauren questioned.

            “He is my brother but I run away before he became popular and stuff and I eventually got into this adaptation place. That is when my parents today adopted me,” I explained. I run over to him and give him a big hug. “I didn’t know you were related,” Lauren shouted. “It never got out to the public and we want to keep it that way,” Ross added. “So don’t say a word,” I threatened Lauren. “Ok I won’t say a word,” Lauren promised. “So what are you doing here?” I questioned. “I just coming to record a song with One Direction but surprising they have been very busy this week,” Ross informed. “I know! It has been a busy week!” Lauren exclaimed trying to holding in her excitement in. She loved him. “So what are you doing here?” Ross asked. “Well you kind of got into a box and got transported here but it turns out that it was all apart of your sister’s plan. You know she is a…” Lauren started but I cover her mouth before she could finish. “Dating Harry!” I shouted. I knew that wasn’t what Lauren had intended to say. She was about to tell him about me being an assassin but he can’t know.  There was a moment of silence. “Ok so can I come in to the lads or what?” Ross asked. “Actually, Lauren is kind of storming off right now,” I explained but Lauren covered my mouth. “Yes!” she shouted.

We headed into the trailer where we say Niall and Demi kissing. I looked at Lauren’s face and it looks as if she was about to blow of anger. “That’s it! We are through!” Lauren screamed as she stormed off again. “Ross Lynch?” Malena shouted seeing him walk in. “Nice how much you care about your friend,” Ross mentioned sarcastically. “I will get her again,” I explained. “Ross!” the lads shouted as I was walking out. I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation because I went to check up on Lauren. She was sitting on the curb with tears in her eyes. I sat next to her. “Listen Lauren, you just need to make him jealous,” I suggested. “But with who?” Lauren asked between tears. “Ummm…. Um well maybe Ross,” I suggested. “I do really like him and he is in the States so even if Niall doesn’t fall for me it will work out better than Niall anyway. Are you sure if you are ok with me dating your brother though?” Lauren questioned.  “The press doesn’t know that he is my brother,” I said smiling and winking. Lauren tears dried up and gave me a hug. “Now let’s go inside and get something to eat,” I added. She stood up and started walking in the trailer. I was about to follow her when I saw words written in on the sidewalk. “I will see you in a minute!” I shouted as I started to follow the tracks.

I couldn’t make out the words but I just kept following. It lead me into an old pawn shop. I opened the creaky door slowly as dust flew everywhere. “Hello?” I shouted into the pawn shop. Only my echo returned. As I stepped in, I noticed that the place was filled with all different types of antiques covered in dust. Suddenly a figure popped out of nowhere. I couldn’t see him/her but I saw the shadow. “Come out!” I demanded. “As you wish,” it muttered. A man with dark hair and dark eyes popped right next to me. I couldn’t see him very well though since it was dark in the room. I let out a little yelp and jumped back. “So you saw,” the man started. “Why did you bring me here?” I questioned. “There is someone in your mist who is very important to protect,” the man spoke. Just then I realized who it was. It was the director of my agency, Mr. Tom. “Who?” I questioned being more comfortable knowing who it was. “I don’t know exactly. You see that person is the one,” Tom explained. “I thought you said..” I started. “I was wrong,” Tom interrupted. “Protect everyone very carefully and try to figure it out,” Tom instructed. Just the dust whirled around and he was gone. I hate when he does that. It was time to go back and figure out this little mystery of ours. 


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