The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


2. Chapter 2

 Oh crud muffins there were coming our way. I tried to wake up Lauren and Malena but it was no use. Then I closed my eyes like a five year old hoping that they won’t see me. I knew that won’t work so I opened them back up.  I heard scissors stabbing and slicing the box and within seconds the light from outside of the box filled my eyes. “Girls?” Zayn exclaims. “Where isSanta? I want to give him a big hug for granting my wish!” Niall shouts. “Security..” Harry started to yell but I hopped out of the box and covered his mouth. “Shhh. Look this wasn’t my plan in the first place either but when a creepy man follows you everywhere and a security guard chases you down, you have to do what you have to do,” I explain with my hand still on his mouth. “I don’t understand anything you just said,” Liam stated. “Hey try reading your guys tweets. Now that is more gibberish than what I just said,” I added. “True, true,” they all agreed.

“So where are you anyway?” I asked. “On a parked tour bus,” Louis joked. “State? Country? City? Any of the above?” I ask. “We are in London, England,” Niall answers. “Wait.. What? Just yesterday you guys were in my home state, Florida and now we are in freaking London?” I just about shouted. “Well, love, we caught a red eye flight to London after the concert in Sunrise, Florida,” Zayn informed. “How am I going to get home? My mother is going to be back in a week and she won’t be happy about this,” I mentioned pacing back and forth. “Well, dear, if you want to you can stay with us,” Louis comforted. “Ok so. I will just tell her that I am with five responsible lads in London. Ya she won’t buy it,” I said rubbing my head. “Let’s just get her a flight,” Harry stated. “Thanks!” I shout gratefully. Harry calls the airport and within minutes he hung up saying, “Ya the airport is completely booked solid for this week.” “Great!” I exclaim sarcastically. “It will be fine, love,” Zayn comforted. “Ya just stay with us and we will get this all figured out,” Niall added. I relaxed and mentioned, “Well since I am on your bus now and stuff, you probably better know my name. I’m Makenzie but most call me Makie.” “And who are your sleeping friends?” Liam questioned. “That is Malena and that is Lauren,” I answered pointing to them.  We hear a screaming from outside of the bus. “Well it is great getting to know you but I think we need to leave,” Louis mentioned. “Our managing can’t find out about you,” Harry stated walking out. “Make yourselves at home,” Liam added walking out too. “I never got my food!” Niall shouted following them out and shutting the door behind him. I was alone (well I guess I was with my friends but they were sleeping) in One Direction’s tour bus/ trailer.

            Lauren and Malena woke up like five seconds after Niall shut the door. “What’s going on?” Lauren asked rubbing her eyes and stepping out of the box. “Well we are in London. In the One Direction tour bus more specifically and there is no way to get back home at least for a week so we will have to stay here for awhile,” I explained. “YAY! ONE DIRECTION!” Lauren cheered. “You aren’t even bothered by this at all?” I asked. “We will go home at one point but for now we are with One Direction!” Lauren exclaimed. “My parents are on a trip anyway so why not have fun while we are here!” Malena jumped in sitting on the couch. “Plus we are far away from that man,” Lauren whispered. “Ok, I somehow agree with you,” I said rolling my eyes partially. Just then my phone beeps. I receive a text from an unknown number saying, ‘Turn around.’ I do so. I see that man with his head up to the window. I jump back about five feet and tried not to scream.

 Lauren’s and Malena’s faces had terror written all over them.  We glanced at each other freaked out and then back at the window. The man was gone by the time we looked back. There was however a note written on the window. Somehow he managed to get the note on the inside of the window. It was freaky. Malena picks up the note shaking and reads out loud, “You may not know who I am or what I do or what I am even here for but it isn’t for you. It is for another girl who you just might bring me too..  signed CARLOS. “The good news is he isn’t after us,” I mentioned. “But who is Carlos?” Lauren questioned. “I have no idea,” I responded. “What do you think Malena?” Lauren asked turning around to face Malena. “Malena?” I ask seeing that she is nowhere to be found.

“Where is Malena?” Lauren shouted. “I have no idea,” I mentioned. Lauren’s face turns a greenish color and before you know it she is passed out on the floor. “I need to get out of here,” I exclaimed looking at Lauren on the floor. I exited the trailer quickly and looked for the lads. . Probably walking out of the trailer wasn’t the best idea.  I looked around and we were at the back of recording studio. I open the closest door to me hoping to get away from this man. The room is filled with green smoke causing me to cough up a storm. I run to the next door quickly shutting the door behind me.  Inside the room are the lads singing their little hearts out to a new song.  “Makie?” Liam asks seeing me walk in the room. My face had an zombish look. I was just giving them all blank stares. All the words that they were yelling at me got clouded. It was like I could hear. Zayn ran over to me and grabbed my shoulders moving me backward and forward. It was like I couldn’t even feel his hands on me. I only knew he was grabbing me because I saw it. Then the colors in the room fade and fade until they are no longer seen. Everything was dark and then I fell to the ground….. 


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