The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


17. Chapter 17

 “When I was 14. I was invited to join the… well I can’t say their name. Anyway, I joined it and become a master assassin. I started doing all sorts of jobs and stuff. In the begin, it was all fun and all but as time went on everything got super serious. Moving on to a couple of days ago, I didn’t ‘accidentally’ go into that box. I did it on purpose knowing that I would see/ met One Direction. See that was my job. I had to protect you. Well that and kill Perrie,” I explained. “You killed Perrie? But how?” Malena shouted at me. “Did you notice the high ceiling? Well that causing a time gap in the sound that travels. In other words, I shot Perrie and had enough time to run away before you even heard the gun shot,” I informed. “Oh!” everyone shouted understanding what I was saying. “But why would you do that?” Zayn asked. “You see, Zayn, Perrie was a fugitive,” I answered. Everyone’s mouth dropped. “Anyway,” I continued, “I never had the intense of falling for any of the lads or having any of the lads fall for me. I was purely here for work,” I added.

“What about those freaks?” Harry asked. “Well Howard wanted the One Direction ladies dead and my goal is to protect you and your ladies except for Perrie of course so it was my job to stop him from hurting them. Thomas, over there, he is a freak who wants to know some information I had on this time bomb thingy but I didn’t spill of course,” I mentioned. “One more thing, Makie,” Thomas started. “Go for it,” I responded. “Why did you apply for Oxford College?” Thomas asked. “To be able to see the lads. I know I am only 16 but I have been able to get into other colleges around the globe. Trust me. There were a lot of other missions I could have taken but this one was the best,” I explained winking. “What about the plane? Why did you get on the plane?” Liam asked. “You were on a plane?” Lauren shouted. “Wow,” I said sarcastically. “What?” Lauren responded shrugging. “That was because I knew Thomas was going to be on there. It was obvious and I wanted to see who really liked me. Even though I haven’t come here for love but work, I still fell for them,” I responded blushing. “Why do we need protecting, anyway?” Louis questioned. “People like Howard want you dead and others too but I am not really suppose to say,” I mentioned. “Good to know that people want us killed,” Niall muttered. “So what are you going to do with them?” Liam asked pointing to Thomas and Howard. “Nothing,” I responded smiling. Just then police’s lights and sirens went off. I smiled smartly.

“We are dead aren’t we?” Howard asked. I nodded. The policemen came in and took them away. “Hey, Makenzie,” one of the cops flirted. “Eric, shut up!” I demanded motioning my hand for him to left. “Eric?” Harry and Liam questioned abruptly. “We have a dating past. No big deal,” I mentioned quickly back. “Speaking of dating, I guess you knew that Samuel was secretly a spy,” Eleanor brought up. “Samuel was a spy?” Lauren and Malena shouted. “Ya so was Phil,” Eleanor added. “Cool I dated a dead spy… That sounded better in my head,” Lauren stated. “I bet it did,” Malena agreed. “Actually, I dated because he was a spy. Now he didn’t know that             I knew. See the whole point in dating that low life was because I needed to protect in him from an old enemy of my. I was going to break up with him when we got back to the States,” I explained. “So you never loved him?” Lauren questioned. I nodded. “Then why did you cry?” Eleanor questioned. “I took acting for some years,” I responded winking.  Everyone smiled.

“Now onto this dating crisis with Harry and Liam,” Niall started. “Makie, needs to pick,” Lauren demanded. “Oh I got it! Each of you will say one sentence or so stating why you love her and such and then Makie will pick,” Malena suggested. “Ok Liam goes first,” Eleanor insisted. “Ok. Makenzie, my dear, your smile, your laugh, is amazing. If you pick me, I will make all your dreams come true as you have done for me,” Liam said looking into my eyes sweetly. Harry pulls me over to him looking me in the eyes and said his statement every so beautifully saying, “My love, for the moment I met you, I knew I have to get you. You know enough with the song lyrics. I have a burning love for you and I know that I can make you the happiest girl on the world if you can do the same for me.” “Ok then Makie pick,” Zayn stated. “Go for Liam. Harry is mine,” Louis said winking. I smiled but I needed to be serious at this moment. I thought long and hard. When Lauren demanded, “Come on.” “Pick! Pick!” everyone started cheering. My head started throbbing. I shouted, “I pick

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