The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


16. Chapter 16

 “Not much to tell. I am on a date with a dork and I asked Makie to come over and save me,” Malena informed. “What about Zayn?” I asked. “Ask him,” Malena stated. “So I was just coming to check up on my girlfriend and her forced date,” Zayn explained. “WAIT YOU TWO ARE DATING!??” Lauren shouted a little too loudly. “Yes,” Malena and Zayn said in union. “Good for you,” I said smiling. “Ok so what about Lauren and Niall?” Harry mentioned. “Just having a date here,” Niall stated pecking Lauren’s cheek. “Louis and Eleanor?” Liam asked. “I just came here to poison you,” Louis joked. Eleanor slapped his arm and responded, “No we are just here on a double date with Niall and Lauren.” “A lot of people all in the same place,” I muttered. “Well Malena kind of wanted us here since her date and stuff,” Eleanor added. “Ok now, Liam and Harry. What is going on?” I questioned. “Well it’s kind of a long story,” Liam started. “I’m listening,” I answered. “Ok here it goes..” Liam started.

“I kind of fell for you after you kissed me,” Liam started blushing. “So he asked me not to flirt with you. You see, I had a crush on you for some time now but I never said anything because I was kind of dating someone I didn’t even like. It was with her just because I didn’t want to be single,” Harry added. “So I found out about coming to the airport and stuff, I got pretty upset. That little muppet (pointing to Harry) hid from me for some time too. I found out that you were coming here and so was Harry. Malena spreads the word fast,” Liam said. “So that’s it,” Harry concluded. “So you both are into me and Liam is mad at Harry because he is flirting with me?” I questioned making sure I got all the basics covered. “Ya,” they both sighed.  “Not a long story compared to mine,” I mentioned. “Speaking of which, I want to hear this whole story,” Lauren mentioned. “I need to figure out this Liam and Harry thing first,” I said trying to change the topic. “We can solve that later. Start talking,” Malena demanded crossing her arms. “Fine but you better listen good because I am only saying this once,” I agreed angrily. “STOP STALLING!” Everyone shouted at me. “Ok. It all started……

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