The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


15. Chapter 15

 Of course my phone started ringing again. This time it was Malena. “Hey Makie. Yesterday was my date with Bob and…UM.. I kind of missed it. So I have to go on one with him tonight! You have to save me!” Malena exclaimed into the phone. “Ok where are you now?” I asked. “I’m on the date with him. We are at his favorite restaurant, Milkshake City,” Malena answered.  “I have always wanted to go there! You know they have a One Direction milkshake combining all their favorite flavors…” I started. “Ok great! Just get over here and you CAN’T let him see you!” Malena interrupted as she hung up. Hiding. That’s my specialty. Well that and sarcasm.

            When I made it to the Milkshake City, I looked for Malena inside the building everywhere. I spotted her sitting next to Bob at the far table on the left. I thought about where I should hide for a second when it came to me. I ran over to the fake tree next to the table and watched Malena and Bob on their date.

            “So are you having fun?” Bob asked. “No, I’m on a date with you,” Malena answered sharply. “How can I make it more appealing?” Bob questioned sweetly. “Leave,” Malena remarked. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. “You look beautiful tonight,” Bob complimented ignoring her other responses. “I know. It’s a shame I look so great. It makes you look so much uglier not like you weren’t ugly before though,” Malena commented flatly. I covered my mouth trying not laugh at that statement. “Are you just going to insult me?” Bob questioned. “I’m sure not going to pepper you. So ya I am going to insult you. I am here against my will anyway,” Malena remarked.

            Suddenly I felt hands on my waist causing me to turn around. “Harry?” I whispered seeing him holding onto me. I stand up from my crouched down position into a standing one. I was now face to face with Harry. Well not exactly. He is a little taller than me. “Hey babe,” Harry whispered back into my ear. “What are you doing here?” I asked in a hushed tone. “I just wanted to see my beautiful dear,” Harry flirted blushing a little. “First of all how did you know I was here? And second of all how did you get here so quickly? And third of all why are you calling me babe? I never said I liked you,” I questioned. The store was filled with screaming. Someone was screaming Harry’s name.

We both look to see who it was. In fact I think the whole store did. It was Liam. “Liam? What are you doing here?” I asked. “Harry! I told you not to not flirt with Makenzie!” Liam shouted.  “Harry? Liam? Would you care to explain what is going on? I questioned puzzled.  I saw Zayn in the corner of my eye standing next to where Malena was sitting. I pushed the tree out of my way so I could see them. “Zayn?” I questioned.   “Makie?” Bob shouted. “Bob?” Harry questioned. “Harry?” Malena asked. “Malena?” Liam added. “Liam?” Zayn shouted. “What is going on?” I heard yet another voice jump in. My head turned toward the voice to see that it was Lauren. She was sitting at one of the tables behind me next to Niall. “Lauren?” I shouted. “Niall?” Niall commented. “Niall, why would you do yourself?” yet another voice asked. It was Louis standing next to Eleanor at the bar area. “Louis?” Lauren asked. “Oh great! Who else could be here? Maybe Howard or Thomas? What about Danielle? Where is she? Might as well have Perrie come back to life and come here too!” I exclaimed sarcastically. “Actually, we are here,” two voices responded. I turned my head to the right and saw my worst enemies; Howard and Thomas. “No Danielle!” I shouted. “No she is on vacation,” Liam explained. “One less person to figure out their problems,” I added. “Speaking of that, start talking Makie,” Harry insisted. “I’m not the only one hiding stuff,” I mentioned. “True,” Harry agreed looking around the room. “Let’s start with someone easier like Malena or Lauren,” I suggested. “Ok Malena you are up,” Liam insisted. 

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