The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


14. Chapter 14


 When I woke up which was by a slap on the face, I was tied in a chair in a warehouse surrounded by big bulky men. “Hey there, gentleman,” I said kindly. “Tell us!” one of the men demanded. “Tell you what?” I asked clueless. “You know very well,” another man shouted in my face. “I’ll tell you when you get less fat and we both know that is not going to happen. K?” I remarked smiling. “Every kiss begins with k,” one of the men flirted. “Ya but every ugly begins with u,” I insulted. “That’s it!” the same man started about to punch my face. Just in the nick of time, a short fat man came in walking behind him shouting, “Stop. I will handle her.”             The men surrounded me left and the short man came up close to my face. “Personal space!” I spit into his face. He backed up. “Tell me dear, the truth,” the man demanded. “What is your name?” I questioned. “Thomas Train,” the man answered. “Your parents must have been messed up then,” I commented flatly. “Actually they named me Luke but I changed it to Thomas,” Thomas added. “Oh so you were the one dropped on you head as a baby not your parents,” I remarked upon hearing his name. “What is wrong with you?” Thomas shouted. “UM.. hmm… let me think you were the one named Thomas!” I exclaimed sarcastically. “Just spill,” Thomas demanded. “No going to happen,” I responded. “Fine then I will have those guys over there beat you up,” Thomas threatened pointing to the men. “Umm let me ponder this again. I am a trained assassin and yet you are threatening me?” I questioned sarcastically. “Ya so,” Thomas said dumfounded. “You realize I could kill them with this gun I have here,” I mentioned. “Gun? What gun?” Thomas asked. “This one,” I exclaimed shrugging my tied up arm. “You have no muscles,” Thomas chuckled. “No I meant like a real gun,” I corrected as I let go of the untie ropes I was holding and pulling out a gun. He stepped back putting his hands up. “Have a nice day, Thomas,” I added walking out of the building.    I see a giant British flag outside of the warehouse. I must be in England. I catch a cab back to the trailer when my phone started to ring. “Hello?” I spoke into the phone. “Hey, Makie. I kind of overheard you talk to those dudes who were beating you up. Ya you butt dialed me,” Harry responded. “Now I got to tell you the truth now,” I answered shrugging. “Ya, start talking.” Harry insisted. “I have a feeling this phone is bugged. I will tell you when I see you in person later,” I explained. “Ok bye ba..” Harry started. “HARRY!” I screamed stopping him from saying babe. You might wonder why I screamed this but if my phone is bugged I don’t want anybody to know Harry has a thing for me. I hung up before he could respond back. I place my phone in my back pocket and I sit back in my chair. 
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