The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


11. Chapter 11

When we get there, we hop out and see that the place is crowded with screaming fans. Word must spread fast there. The fans attacked us all. I was just trying to make it thru. It was like a dense forest of attacking monkeys trying to get me for my bananas except it was worse. I mean they had no idea who I was and there were still pulling on my clothes and hair. Not to mention the fists I got in my face. Thankfully, the police came to the scene and pulled us out of the swamp of people and into the laser tag area. Except one problem. They didn’t pull me out. I pushed my way to the building but by that time they locked down the laser tag place so that it was just us. The fans pushed on my back causing everyone in the front row to get smooshed against the glass doors. My face got flattened like a pancake. I saw Liam motioned for the police guy to get me in too. Within a second or two, I was pulled in quickly as they locked the doors behind me.

                     “Are you ok love?” Liam asked. “Just peachy,” I answered smiling. At least I think I was smiling. I couldn’t feel my face. “Let’s do this chizz!” Lauren shouted grabbing a laser tag gun. “Ok here are the teams. Malena, Harry, Makie, me, Lauren, and Liam on one team and Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie, on the other,” Niall stated. We divided up into our teams and got ready to battle. 

                     The lights flashed and the game started. I raced around trying to not get shot and shot everyone else. I wasn’t thebet however at this game but I gave it my all. I made it to this point in the obstacle course that was kind of blocked off on the left side and saw Malena and Zayn standing there. I tip toed back a little so that I could hear and see them but they couldn’t see me.  “Maybe there can be a truce,” Zayn mentioned smiling. He pulled Malena in a little closer to him by grabbing my waist. “What are you doing, Zayn?” Malena questioned as he looked into her eyes. He leaned over just about to kiss her. Right then a gun sounded. Not a laser gun but a real gun. 

We all run into the center of the course where the gun shot came from. Perrie was lying dead on the floor with blood drying from her forehead. “Perrie!” Zayn screamed as his knees fell to the ground and tears poured down his face. “I told you to keep track of her! Instead you were all like where is Perrie? ” Danielle yelled at Eleanor. “I didn’t think that the murder was coming here,” Eleanor defended. “Wait you knew about the murder?” Liam questioned.

                     “Murder what murder?” I inferred as I grabbed their arms. I pulled them into a little corner to speak with them. “What are you idiots doing?” I exclaimed.  “What do you mean?” Eleanor asked clueless. “Eleanor knock it off. She knows,” Danielle demanded.  “I don’t think I knew the whole story though,” I mentioned. “You know that there is a murder coming to get us because we are dating One Direction and we won’t break up with them,” Danielle stated. “Ya, I know all that if not more,” I responded. “See that is all we know too,” Danielle replied. “So like why did you guys mention it when you aren’t suppose to?” I questioned. “It slipped. Things like that slipped,” Danielle informed. “Thanks for covering us,” Eleanor added. “No problem. We just need to watch our back from this point on,” I added moving out of the corner and back into where everyone was. Danielle and Eleanor followed me. The manager of the laser tag place was carrying the body saying, “This is not going to be good for customers.” Zayn was crying but honestly I think they were fake tears since he was about to kiss Malena five seconds earlier. I had a lot on my mind. I had to figure out this murder and this Liam thing too.   

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