The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


1. Chapter 1

  It was a clear crispy summer day and my friends and I were sitting on my lawn eating our ice cream we just got from the ice cream truck. Lauren, a 16 year old brown curly haired and brown eyed girl, was sitting on my left eating a rainbow snow cone. Malena, a 16 year old dark brown haired and brown eyed short girl, was sitting on my left eating an ice cream sandwich. I, Makenzie but most called me Makie, a 16 year old blonde haired and blue eyed girl taller than both of my friends, was sitting in the middle eating a drumstick. My friends’ parents were out of town for the weekend and so they were staying at my house.


            “This is great ice cream!” Malena exclaimed as the ice cream drips down her hand. “I guess you are really into it,” I added laughing a little. “This is why I get snow cones,” Lauren explained. “Shut up,” Malena demanded licking her lips. “So Makie, are you excited for the One Direction concert tomorrow?” Lauren questioned. “NO KIDDING! I still can’t believe you won us that contest,” I yelled. “I know right! We never win anything!” Malena shouted. I saw Lauren’s lips start to move like she was about to say something but she stopped. She stared forward at the street. I turned my head slightly looking straight ahead too.


There was a tall slender old man with a black hat and a black lab coat. He glared at us. We looked at him intently but he didn’t move. It looked like he never blinked unless we were blinking at the same time. I continued to stare at him creepily. Malena who had stood up with Lauren tugged on my arm. I stood up and walked into the house with them. I locked the front door behind me. “Creeper!” Malena shouted. “Shh he might hear you,” Lauren muttered. “Makie?” Malena questioned me. I was still staring straight ahead of me looking at the door. I blink quickly shaking my head and saying, “I feel like I know that man.” “I know him too. He is a stalker,” Lauren pointed out. “You guys are creeping me out. Let’s go paddle boating,” Malena suggested. “Yes!” Lauren and I agreed. We go paddle boating and enjoyed the rest of our day. As I lay in bed that night, I keep thinking about that man and where I know him from…

The next day was the concert and we spend all day making posters and making sure we knew every single word to every single song. We screamed and cheered a lot that day and we had a blast right before the concert.

            When we got to the concert, we saw tons and tons of scream fans. We were one of them. We found our seats and started rocking out to every single song. We had so much fun. When the concert ended that is when everything started going downhill. I turned around to walk up the steps to get out of the arena when I saw the same creepy man walking in front of me. Lauren and Malena look at me wide eyed seeing the man too. I grab their arms and start walking through the aisles on the left away from the man. “Excuse me but go up the stairs!” one of the security guards demanded. I look at Malena and Lauren as if I was saying run. We turn around and start heading down the aisles on the right away from the man and the security guard. The security guard starts chasing us and we start running too.  We made it to the stage part of the arena and we started booking it in the backstage. The security started yelling at us saying, “You can’t go back there!” We kept running. Unfortunately, we hit a dead end. There was a box in the corner of the hall and I pull Malena and Lauren into it closing the top of it. As the security guard got to the dead end, I heard her say, “Where are you little kids?” We were breathing heavily in the box hoping that she wouldn’t hear us. Mission accomplished. We heard footsteps walking away. I was about to pop the lip on this box but we heard footsteps coming our way. Before you know it, we are being lifted into the air (I don’t know how the guy did it because there was three people in there but whatever). “This is some heavy stuff in this box here,” the voice mentions. We are loaded onto something to who knows where. I knew that Malena was freaking out but she didn’t say a word hoping to not get caught. We never heard the guy leave so we stayed quietly in the box until we fell asleep. 


I woke up hearing a door slam. I don’t know what time it was or even what day it was in fact but that didn’t matter now. I shook Lauren to wake her up as well as Malena. “What?” Lauren asked groggily. “Get up. I think he is gone,” I whispered. “Great, let me get some more sleep,” Malena responded not even realizing what I said. “Guys get up,” I demand but was interrupted by a voice. I shut up quickly listening to the voice. “Niall, you hungry?” a deep British voice asked. Niall? Like Niall Horan! I think we are on the lad’s tour bus. Maybe not. Maybe there is another Niall. “What kind of question is that?” an Irish voice joked. “Ok so like what do you want?” another British accented voice questioned. “Let me guess. Nandos,” yet another British voice added. Laughter filled the room for a brief moment. “Did you guys order anything?” a different British accented voice asked. I think they were looking at our box. “No,” they all responded in unison. I heard footsteps get close to us. 


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