The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


47. 47

 It was Danielle. I gulped think that I was next. Where was everyone? Were they all dead too? Was I next? All these thoughts poured into my head. I felt arms around my shoulders. I turned around quickly.

            It was just Malena. I engulfed her in a huge hug relived to see her. I don’t think she felt the same. When we pulled away, tears were in her eyes. “What wrong?” I questioned. “I can’t do this anymore!” she exclaimed as the tears streamed down her face. I grabbed her shoulders trying to bring her back into reality. Unfortunately, reality sucked. “It will be fine!” I encouraged. “Makie, I’m dying,” Malena mumbled looking down as the tears poured over. I looked at her shaking hands. Her face turned greenish. I stared at her face as the tears run down my face too. Malena was clearly poisoned. There was nothing I could do. She was going to die whether I liked it or not. “Get her to the hospital!” I insisted Lauren. I had no hope but I thought I could try. Lauren walked over to her looking at her deadly face and grabbed her arm.

            It was too late. She was already dead. She feel flat on the ground under Lauren’s and mine feet. “I never liked her anyway,” Lauren joked trying to bring up the mood but it was no use. I started balling my eyes out. Lauren couldn’t help it either. She tried to be tough. We all did but we couldn’t. The tears kept coming. Things were only getting worse.

            Rocky and Riker came into the room. “My dear sister, cry much?” Riker asked rudely. My heart sank and the tears flowed harder. The part that made this all bad was that my brothers were behind it all. “Don’t worry, we will kill you off later,” Rocky explained menacingly. 
“Stop doing this!” I screamed at them. They just laughed at me. They left again. Then I turned around and saw that Liam and Niall were missing.

            “Where is Liam and Niall?” I asked quickly. “I have no idea but I hope they are alive,” Lauren responded. “On the bright side, you don’t have to pick if one of them survives and the other dies,” I joked. I couldn’t help but joke it was my only way of surviving something like this. “I hope I survive,” Lauren muttered. “If you survive you better come to my funeral!” I shouted at Lauren half joking half serious. Lauren giggled a little. It was time to get back to serious though. Things were going on fast and we couldn’t miss anything.

            I heard to two gunshots from downstairs. That is when I realized that Liam and Niall must have been killed. I run over to the door and open it with Lauren close behind me. Turns out it wasn’t a room. It was a closet filled with two dead bodies that fell on me. I pushed them up and saw that it was Louis and Eleanor’s body. I cringed and jumped away from the bodies causing them to fall to the floor. So now my brothers had killed Demi, Danielle, Malena, Louis, and Eleanor. Plus I have a pretty good suspension they killed Liam and Niall downstairs too.

            So that left Lauren, Zayn, Harry and me. Great. There were coming for us next. “We are next,” Lauren muttered as she gulped. “If they don’t kill Zayn first,” I added. I held back my tears for everyone. I couldn’t cry over everyone I saw. I couldn’t. I would be putting myself in jeopardy. “Oh Zayn’s dead,” I heard Lauren say from behind me. I turned around and saw Zayn holding his stomach like a bullet through it. He was still living but barely. “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” he said weakly. I tried to comfort him saying, “It will be alright,” even though I know he was as good as dead. “They have killed us all and they are after you two next. Beware,” he advised. Next thing you know there was a loud bang on the ground as he fell. “No the special one!” I screamed at his dead body. Just down to Lauren, myself, and Harry with no one to save us. If the special one was alive, we might have had a chance but since he is dead our chances are gone like the wind. Speaking of Harry, where was he? Was he already dead?

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