The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


46. 46

Memories flowed into my head. I know who he was. He was legit my brother. Not like my adopted brother or anything. He was my real brother. The American stalker was my brother, Rocky Lynch and the British stalker was Riker even though he isn’t British….. shame shame. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed he was British… “Rocky? Riker?” I questioned. “Yes, it’s us,” the American stalker said. “You know them??” Harry questioned. “There are my brothers,” I stated. “Why would you want to kill us them?” Malena asked. “We have our motives but like a good stalker we won’t say anything,” Riker insisted. “Right,” Rocky agreed. “Time for death now,” Riker said forcefully. A green gas filled the air. We coughed and choked on the gas. Next thing I know I am outside laying on the concrete by myself. “Where did everyone go?” I asked as I stood up slowly. Then I heard bickering at my left side. Apparently, I wasn’t alone. I turned around to see Lauren, Niall, and Liam arguing about who knows what. I listened closely. “Lauren is mine, Niall. You had your chance now stop hitting on her,” Liam defended sternly. “But I made a mistake! I love her!” Niall pleaded getting down on his knees in front of Lauren. Liam stood in front of Lauren pushing Niall forcefully back. “Look guys you don’t need to do this here and now. These stalkers are watching us!” Lauren insisted. “Just shut up,” I demanded jumping into the conversation. “How did you get here?” Niall asked snottily. “Excuse me? But I have a license to kill,” I threatened. “She was dropped off like by the creeps like us,” Lauren explained. “Those creeps are my brothers so watch out,” I insisted. “Odd family dere,” Niall grumbled. “What’s going on anyway?” I questioned. “Niall is trying to steal Lauren, probably because Demi is dead now, and I won’t let him,” Liam informed as the anger in his voice “No I could tell that. I was talking about with the stalkers and stuff,” I explained. “Oh I have no idea why they let us go and I don’t know where anybody else is either,” Liam answered. “Well I am going to find them,” I stammered pushing through them and walking forward. “Where are you going?” Lauren shouted at me. “I said I am going to the find everyone and figure out this brewing mystery,” I stated. “Well we are coming,” Lauren mentioned grabbing Liam’s arm. Niall, Liam and Lauren followed me until we reached a 7/11. I walked in slowly as they followed me. I wish I never did that.I saw things no one should ever see. Bats and spiders covered the empty 7/11. Blood covered the place. Fresh blood too. Someone else was in there minutes before me and they were killed. The murder is still in here. But where was the body? Where was the murder? I heard a thumping sound behind me. I quickly turned my head around to see that Lauren had just shut the door behind her. “Don’t scare me like that,” I demanded as I put my hand to my chest. “I didn’t mean to relax,” Lauren said defensively. “Relax everyone, we are all fine,” Liam tried to comfort as he put his arm on Lauren’s shoulder. “She is mine!” Niall shouted at Liam. “Fist fight!” Lauren shouted too. “No she is mine!” Liam shouted back. It looked as if they were about to have a fist fight when a voice behind us said, “No she is mine.” We all turned around slowly fearing what was behind us.

            It was Rocky and Riker. “Why did you let us go?” I asked them half yelling. “Murder is more fun with mystery,” Riker replied smiling. Chills went down my spine. I couldn’t even imagine my brothers killing a fly and now they want me dead. I don’t understand and they won’t tell me. “Who did you kill?” Lauren demanded. “That is for you to find out,” Rocky said as he grinned evilly. They disappeared into thin air. “Creepy,” Liam muttered. “Creepy? I’m terrified!” Lauren screamed. I ignored her panic attack and started looking around the 7/11. I walked behind the counter. I jumped back. There was a dead body laying there.

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