The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


42. 42

The next day I heard a loud knocking on my door. I groaned and moaned not wanting to get up. "it's Liam. Get the door please! So I don't think you have been murdered!" Liam shouted through the door. I was too tired to even giggle at his stupid statement. I finally got up and answered the door after Liam was banging on it for like five minutes. "what do you want?" I remarked rubbing my eyes. "someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Liam said as if he was talking to a baby. "shut up. Now what are you doing here?" I asked rudely. I was tired and he woke me up. I was not happy. That's for sure. "I will ignore that. Harry and I were wondering if you would like to come down to breakfast with us," Liam invited. "No," I said shutting the door. "at least I know you are fine," Liam shouted from the other side of the door. I walked away from the door and back into bed when my phone started to ring. I groaned and looked at my phone to see who was calling me. It was my mom. I declined the call and put my phone down. It rang again. Again my mom. I declined it once again. She called again. I turned off my phone so that I could get some sleep. 

I tried to close my eyes to sleep but they stay shut. I couldn't go back to sleep. Too much was on my mind.  "since I am up, I might as well take a shower," I said to myself as I hopped out of bed and walked into the bathroom. 

After I got all already and such, I walked out and headed down the stairs searching for Harry and Liam. I saw them sitting at one of the tables in the breakfast area. “Look who decided to show up,” Liam stated as I sat down next to Harry and him. “Shut up,” I grumbled grabbing his blueberry muffin. “Just be glad I’m not Niall. Otherwise that hand would be taken off,” Liam mentioned causing me and Harry to laugh. There was a moment or two of silence.

            “So where are we headed now?” Harry questioned. “I don’t know. Just out of here,” I stated. “You might want to go shopping first. I saw you didn’t bring a lugguage with you. Shame shame,” Liam joked shaking his head. “Ok so where is the nearest mall?” I asked. “You are the one who lives here!” Harry exclaimed. “Well excuse me,” I joked back bobbing my head. Just then in the corner of my eye, I saw the tall slender man I saw days ago. A chill ran down my spine. Then it hit me. I had two stalkers….. the British one which frankly scares the crap out of me and the American one which I feel like I know but know nothing about.

“Harry, let’s go, now,” I mumbled quickly shaking his arm. “But..” he started. “Now,” I said sternly my eyes fixed on him. I think he understood something was up and he stood up quickly grabbing my hand. “Where are you going?” Liam questioned standing up and shrugging his shoulders with his hands up. We kept walking quickly. Liam followed behind us. We stepped out of the door trying to act normal but I couldn’t hide the fact that a creeper was after me. “I got a car for us,” Harry stated as we stood in the parking lot of the motel. “Where?” I asked still a little nervous that the man was going to come up behind me and kill me. He pointed to an older grayish brown beat up car. Great… I might die in this car then in the hands of the stalker. I shook my head about to say something. When I heard footsteps behind me, I ran to the car saying, “This will do!” Harry unlocked the doors and we all hopped in. Harry was driving. Liam was in the front seat and I was sitting in the back. I never found out who was behind me.

            We pulled out of the parking lot and started driving. “I just looked up where the mall is and it is just a few blocks away,” I mentioned. “Plug into the GPS,” Harry instructed. I put the address into my GSP on my phone and we were off.

            We arrive after the mall within minutes at least that is what it feels like and park the car. “I’m going to go in. You can stay here,” I mentioned opening the door. “Umm no, they have a Disney store in there!!” Liam shouted excitedly as he opened his door. Harry laughed as I rolled my eyes. “You coming too?” I asked Harry. “Well I am not going to stay in the car alone,” Harry responded. “Let’s go!” Liam exclaimed as we started walking down the parking lot and into the store. “It feels like a family trip. I’m the mom, you’re the dad, and Liam is the kid,” I mumbled. Harry smiled and laughed in agreement with me.

            I opened the door and felt the cool air conditioning blew on me. It felt good since it was hot outside. After all it was Florida in the summer. “I’m going to the Disney store!” Liam screamed as he ran into the mall. “I’ll watch the little kid,” Harry joked. I smiled and nodded in agreement. I started walking toward the coach store when I heard someone from behind me singing, (well more like shriveling… in other words, very bad singing..), “BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE…” I turned around recognizing the voice with a smile upon my face. “Hey, Malena,” I muttered seeing the short Asian girl behind me. “Ambush!” Malena shouted laughing. “I was suppose to ambush you!” I shouted back at Malena. We started laughing our heads off. When the laughter ceased, I knew there was something important I needed to ask her. “Hey, Malena, did your mom ban you from hanging out with me?” I asked turning my face to the ground.

            “Ya, so did Lauren’s mom but we are not going to listen to them,” Malena responded cheerfully. I ran my fingers through my hair. “I don’t want to cause you a relationship problem with your mom. I mean, I know how that feels and it sucks. I have no one to back me up. Literally if Harry leaves me in the dust for some reason, I’m screwed. My mom is ticked off with me. Your moms think I’m a screwed up mess so you can’t hang out with me. I have murders and stalkers everywhere I turn not to mention haters. Plus, I can’t seem to figure out this mystery,” I vented. “Makie, it will all work out,” Malena tried to comfort. “It’s a nice dream but we aren’t in fairy town. I have a bad feeling we are all going to end up dying at the end,” I assumed. “Don’t be so down,” Malena insisted as she put her hand on mine. I brushed her hand off me and sighed. “Let’s go raid coach!” Malena exclaimed. “Um… Malena, do you have the money for that?” I questioned raising an eyebrow. “No, but I’m not paying! You are!” she shouted happily as she ran into the store. That dummy. I couldn’t help but smile. Even though she was stealing my money, everything that she did stupidly made me smile. That was our friendship. She is stupid. I laugh..


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