The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


41. 41

 I kicked the bottom of my chair so that the loose metal bar would break off. I heard it snap. Jackson or his goons didn't hear it. I think there were so busy with themselves to care. I kicked the metal bar forward. "you are a lazy buttling!!!" I mocked one of the goons as I sticked out my tongue. "you are going to pain for that!" he shouted at me. He tripped over the metal bar as he ran toward me. He pushed over the acid from in front of me. "crap this going to hurt...." I muttered as the acid flowed toward me. The acid weakened the ropes so that I could break free. "ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!!" I chanted feeling the acid on my body as I hopped around. Even though I was in a lot of pain I had to push through. I ran over to Liam untying him. Liam ran over to untie Harry as I went to kill Jackson. I picked up the gun that Jackson left on the floor and shot him. He fell to the floor dead. The goons ran into the distance. I sat next to him and slapped his bloody face. "there you go," I whispered. "that was easy," Liam commented. "you ready?" Harry asked. "ya, I need to jump into a lake," I joked but I was serious at the same time too. "come on, love, let's get you cleaned up," Harry mentioned. We walked out of the barn. One thing Harry forgot. The fans.....

We walked into a mob of fans and well haters. "you stealer!!!" someone chanted at me as we stepped out.  "you know, I would love to hear all the rude comments you have to tell me but I really need to clean up like now so I don't die," I shouted back over the crowd. "I would like for you to die!!!" one hater shouted. "that might just happen in a few days. I mean I have a lot of people who hate me so this is not new. You guys are just another pain in my butt!!!" I shouted at them. There was a silence in the crowd for once. "come here, makenzie, I will get you cleaned up," Liam said as he led me through the crowd. the loudness was brought up again shouting rude things in my ears and spitting on me. On the bright side, it was washing off some of the bruning acid. "i will be there in a few!" Harry shouted at us.  We walked to the nearest lake and I jumped in. Finally all the acid was washed off. ya baby!! Harry pulled me up when I got out. I guess he came back. I wonder what Harry did though. 

Harry's pov:

After makie and liam left, there something I needed to do. "shut up!!!" I shouted at the crowd. The crowd silenced. I hopped on a hay barrel and they all stared at me. "I am sick of you picking on my girlfriend! If you really were fans of mine, you would like everything about me," I exclaimed to the fans. "but she isn't apart of you!" one fan protested. "she is to me," I answered smiling. There was a mumbling in the crowd. I hope that convinced them. I hopped down the hay barrel and walked to find Makie and Liam. "so how are we getting home?? My car is in pieces," I asked. "well, I was kind of brought here by though goons," Liam stated. "what about you Harry?" I questioned. "Don't look at me. I don't even have a car on me," Harry stated. "well there is no bus stops around here or anything," I mentioned. "great," harry muttered sarcastically. "call Lauren," Liam suggested. "ok I will," I said as I pulled out my phone and started to dial the number. I put it on speaker phone as the phone rang. "this number has been banned from answering calls from you," the operator said. I hung up and said sarcastically, "great..." “I’ll call her,” Liam suggested pulling out his phone. “Umm guys,” Liam started. “What?” we asked impatiently. “My battery just died,” Liam finished.  “Even better,” I mumble sarcastically. “What about you Harry?” Liam asked. “I didn’t bring my phone,” Harry answered looking down. “What kind of idiot forgets their phone!!!” Liam shouted. “Calm down guys. Calm down. We will figure out something,” I insisted. "In the mean time, let's start walking, Harry," Liam said as he started walking forward. "I'm coming," harry responded laughing. I followed behind. I don't know how he could laugh in a time like this. I can't handle all the stress.  I have stalkers and people trying to kill me up my butt every second. Speaking of stalkers, i realized something i hadn't before. Now that i think about it, the tall slender stalker man that i saw the day before the concert i saw again in the crowd. Not to mention I have haters and an angry moms mad at me. Speaking of moms, I was returning home to my mom... Oh crud I can't do that. Not after what happened. No way. No how. 

I turned around and started walking in the other direction. "where are you going?" I heard Liam shout after me.  "away," I said still walking straight ahead. "what about us???" Liam continued. "follow me. I can't go back," I responded. "can't or won't?" Liam asked cleverly. "both," I mumbled. "we need to follow you. It's late plus we are suppose to be protecting you," Harry jumped in. I heard footsteps behind me. There were now right behind me but I wouldn't turn around. I wasn't going to look back. I couldn't. I wouldn't. "I am not the special one," I pointed out still walking forward. "yes, you are!" Liam protested passionately. "he said all their plans were based on me being the special one and such and since their plans failed clearly I am not the special one," I stated. "she does make a point," Harry agreed. "then who is it?" Liam questioned. "I have no idea," I muttered softly. 

After hours of walking-------------------------------------------------------------------

We arrived into a little area with tons of gas stations and one small motel. It looked nasty but it was a place to rest my feet for a minute and maybe even get a car. Plus it was super late. We trough through the motel with our tired feet dragging. "three rooms please," Liam said weakly. We were all tired. The lady handed us the keys and we walked up to our rooms. I literary passed out on the bed. 


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