The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


36. 36

"ok guys. We have an emergency!" I shouted. "what babe?" Harry asked calmly. "as much as I love you being here, my mom won't feel the same as I do," I answered. "I'm glad Zayn didn't come. My mom would kill me!" Malena shouted. "oh about that. Zayn or Liam didn't come for a reason," Harry started. "I figured," Lauren added. "well Liam didn't come because he needs to figure out this whole Danielle situation out and Zayn didn't come because well he had a big interview tomorrow and stuff," Harry explained. "don't you have an interview too?" I asked him smiling. "no, it's just Niall and Zayn tomorrow," Harry stated. "ok great. Now let's figure out this emergency," I stated. "ok. I'll stay at a hotel for awhile until we figured this out," Harry suggested. "but you can't hide forever. You guys are just going to have to tell them," Malena responded.  "I know. At least, if she gets too mad at me, I can always move back to my real parents," I joked. "back to Hollywood!" Lauren yelled. "actually, I am going to oxford in a couple of weeks for college," I mentioned. "ya babe! We will be able to see each other more than I thought!" Harry exclaimed. "ya but you have your tours still, remember?" I commented. "true. We will work this out later," Harry suggested. I nodded. "ok what about me?" Lauren questioned. "ya when am I going to see Zayn?" Malena asked. "i hate suggesting this but you guys are invited to stay at my flat when I moved to England," I mentioned. "ya!! Check on my bucket list!!!" Lauren screamed. "ok good. So when we move to London we will figure out this stalker and the Demi problem as well," I added. "ya, we will." Malena agreed. The car jerked forward. Can nobody drive properly???!!! We were there. My mom's car is in the driveway as well as malena's mom's and lauren's. Oh great.  On top of my neck ache I had to explained what happened this week to my mom. My mom was standing in the driveway along with Lauren’s and Malena’s mom with all of their arms crossed and stern expressionson their faces. “Hey mom,” I said shakily as I stepped out of the cab. Lauren and Malena followed me out followed by Harry. “Makenzie, what is going on? Where were you and why is Harry Styles here?” my mom questioned sternly. “I guess news doesn’t go around as fast here,” Malena muttered. “That’s Harry Styles!!! And his girlfriend!!!!” some random girl shouted while pointing to Harry and I. Tons of people started to form around us. “Inside now!” Harry shouted pointed to the door. We shoved and pushed our way through the crowd. I couldn’t help but notice that they crowd was cheering and shouting things like, “THAT FREAKING GIRL STOLE MY HARRY STYLES/ZAYN MALIK/LIAM PAYNE!”or calling named me, Lauren and Malena like, “MEANIE! MUPPET! JERK!” I kept pushing through the crowd. I looked back behind me and I saw that tears wereforming in Malena’s eyes. I grabbed her hand as we pushed our way through thelast part of the crowd. I opened the door shutting it quickly behind Malena. Ilocked it seeing that everyone had made it to the front. “Did those girls saythat we were dating One Direction?” Malena’s mom asked. Malena gulped andstarted to frown. I don’t what upset her more. The rude things people wereshouting or the fact that her mom was going to kill her. “That would explainedwhy Harry is here,” Lauren’s mom stated. I guess they don’t read the news aboutcelebrities because clearly all the other girls have. “Whose boyfriend is that?”My mom questioned sternly. “Mine,” I muttered as I gulped. “I think we needsome serious explaining,” my mom said keeping her cool. “Well, you know thatconcert we went to? Well, we went into a box that brought us to London in OneDirection’s trailer. Then there was a stalker man and people started fake dyingto avoid Demi Lovato which I guess didn’t work since all those people out thereknow who I am. Harry?” I explained then looked over at Harry a little more relievedfor getting that off my chest. Harry stood there silently. I don’t know if hewas more afraid of me or my mom at the moment.  “You went to LONDON?????” my mom shouted.

“Oh Makie, you forgot one thing…” Lauren started pleasedto tell my news. I covered her mouth before she could say anything else. My momdidn’t know I was a master assassin and she wasn’t about to find out. “What?”my mom asked tapping her toes on the floor. I looked around the room to find anexcuse. I see Malena about to cry. I don’t think she liked all the hate. “Canwe help Malena first? She is about to cry!” I shouted pointing to her. Hertears overflowed as she sobbed loudly. Lauren and I run to give her a hug. “Ithink it was all the hate,” I suggested letting go of her. “I hate that stufftoo,” Harry mentioned. “Haters are going to hate,” Lauren started. “Potatoesare going to potate,” I continued. “No spoon’s on Liam’s plate,” Lauren added. “Connecticutis not a state,” I added. “Oh man I can’t remember Louis’s!!!” Laurenexclaimed. “It’s fine. Malena is laughing now anyway,” I brought up looking ather now smiling face.  

“Now that Malena is better, where were you in London???”Lauren’s mom shouted. “Makie told you. We went in that box…” Lauren startedsmartly. “You know what I mean,” Lauren’s mom interrupted. “Well, I just wantto come out and say that it was Makie’s idea,” Malena blames me as she pointedto me. How childish of her. “Hey, hey, hey now,” I said defensively. “Well Idon’t want to die!” Malena shouted at me. “You think I want to die?” I screamedback. “You can at least run away to your real parent’s home! I am stuck here!Plus you are going to Oxford!!! You only have weeks until that!” Malenascreamed. I face palmed myself and started to blush. My mom had no idea that Iwas going to Oxford and Lauren’s and Malena’s mom didn’t know I was adopted. Ohgreat! I am just getting into more and more trouble. “You are going toOxford???” my mom screamed at me. “You are adopted?” Lauren’s and Malena’s momexclaimed. This was going to get complicated. 


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