The Stalker

When a stalker is chasing you and you end up in a box with your friends hiding from him and you accidentally jumped into one of the One Direction's shipments, things get crazy and people start to get killed off.


35. 35

Everyone piled out of the car and walk to the ticket area. We get our tickets without a problem and started to head off but first the lads wanted to say good bye. “Bye, Louis and Eleanor. Have a great wedding!” I said to them as I hugged them. “Bye Niall! Sorry things didn’t work out between you and Demi or Lauren in fact. I hope you can find someone nice!” I said as I hugged Niall. Probably not the nicest thing to say but that kid wasn’t my favorite. He did break Lauren’s heart. Oh well. “Bye Danielle, thanks for helping us out,” I said as I gave her a hug. “Bye, boo bear,” Zayn said as he kissed her. “Bye, sweetie,” Liam tells Lauren as he kisses her on the lips too.“Wait! Liam you are dating her!?” Danielle screamed. I guess she hadn’t realized it yet. I mean they haven’t kissed or flirted in front of her so she wouldn’t know. Danielle stormed off into the cab. “I will call you tonight!” Liam exclaimed to Lauren as he went to follow Danielle. “Ok bye!” Lauren screamed back. She knew he had to break the news to Danielle.

“Bye, babe,” Harry told me as he leaned down to try to kiss me. “Babe, you are forgetting something,” I muttered to him. “What is that?” Harry asked. “I don’t kiss in the airport,” I said smiling. “Come here,” Harry said laughing as he grabbed my waist. “Babe, I said I don’t kiss in the airport,” I continued. “Then I won’t kiss you in the airport,” Harry said as he grabbed my arm. Where is he taking me? I followed nevertheless. We walked outside under the under covering of airport. “We are no longer in the airport. Now are we?” Harry asked smartly. I smiled knowing he was right as he pulled me in for a kiss. Suddenly the airport made an announcement saying, “Flight 125 to Orlando, Florida is boarding now.” I pulled away from Harry before we could kiss running and said, “That’s my flight! I have to run! Next time!” “Bye!”Harry shouted as he waved to me.  I started booking it to the place to board. I had a long run ahead of me. I made it in the nick of time and sat on my flight. Sadly, I wasn’t able to sit next to Lauren or Malena. We probably would have bought tickets next to each other if we weren’t on sure a time crunch. Anyway, the flight landed and we got off it. We walked past the baggage claim area since we didn’t have any baggage anyway.

We walk outside into the smoky good old fashion car fumes.The guys with the names on them were out but I didn’t bother to look for my name. I am not rich. Lauren screamed to me, “Makie! This one has your name on it!” I turned around and saw Harry standing behind me. Poor Malena and Lauren. Zayn or Liam didn’t come. I don’t know why but I am sure there have thier reasons. “Harry!” I screamed running toward him. He hugs me and spins me around like they do in those movies. “What are you doing here?” I asked when he put me down. “I never got my kiss and since we are out of the airport, I figured it would be ok,” Harry answered smiling and winking. I pressed my lips to his and we got that kiss we were waiting for. When I pulled away, I hugged me. I didn’t think about what my mom would say at that moment. “I’m so glad you are here!” I exclaimed. “Me too,” Harry muttered letting me go. “So let’s get a cab,” Malena suggested. “One will be here in a few minutes or so,” Lauren mentioned looking at the cab pickup sign. We nod and sit down on the bench. A trucker dude walkedo ut of the airport staring directly at me. He winked at me like he was flirting. Harry who was watching this man pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around my back. Then he kissed my cheek. He stared back at the man with a protective glare until he walked away.

The cab pulled up at that moment and we hopped in to go back home. That was when it hit me. My mom was going to kill me if she found out Harry Styles was there.


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