Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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(Dec-10-17) It's been a LONGG while since I met 1D after the day at the hotel room we saw them like 2 more times and we slowly lost touch.I still had their numbers but i felt if i called them to hang out i would be a bother , since they were  WORLDWIDE superstars! But now it is 4 year later and let me tell you i am not the same Alison . My hair is black Long , my body is a beach body , and i model in my free time . You would either have to be a good friend or a family member to recognize me . Me and my friend Adrianna were taking a trip to london to go take a trip to the university i already had got in because i had good grades but Adrianna was waiting on her response .ANYWAYS. ( A little about adrianna-I call her adrii , she has LONGG brown hair , she isnt as big a directioner as myself , we know each-other  since 3rd grade she has a Perfect body and her eyes are milk chocolate brown mines are red & brown .) At the airport we had a little talk "What if you run into liam?" she questioned "what if ?" i tried to hide my smile " oh shutup you know you wanna see him " she smiled as she gave me a slap on the shoulder " remember liam and danielle broke up like AGESSS ago , he pronely won't evan remember her & he single and ready to mingle " she smiled as she tried to wink . "Adrii they broke up 2 year from now & i dont think he will even wanna see me !" i said with a disappointed look. she smiled and gave me the - CALL HIM NOW - look. "DO IT " She sugjested ."no"i said wanting for her to push me to do it ! "Fine then im getting the bigger room in the hotel!"She pouted as she stuck her tounge out "FINE I'LL DO", i said giving in " Just to prove he dosnt wanna even hear me !" *Ring,Ring* "Umm Ello?" i herd his sleepy voice over the phone " Umm , I'm sorry if im interrupting liam" I said worried he was gonna hang up. "ALISON?!?!" He shouted as you herd him jump of the bed. Well i guess Adrii was right , he was happy to hear me ."Um's Alison" i studderd to say that "OMG ALSION WERE ARE YOU ? I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN AGESSS,ARE YOU IN LONDON? CAN WE MEET SOMEWHERE ? hello ?" he question "Haha yeah...i'm still here" I said with a smile on my face ."can we meet somwehere ? are you in london?" He said "I'm sorry liam im in the California airport with my boyfriend !" I joked . Next thing i herd was a -beeeeeeep- THAT BASTERD HUNG UP ! Walked back to the bench where adrii and i were sitting  "SOO" she curiously said . "I dont ever wanna see him,AGAIN! He hung up on me!!" you can tell i was sad/angry/disappointed, you could see my eye start to water but beaver adrii can say anything i said calmy "I need some air" Adriana knew she should stay induced and let me on my own . when i walked out i sucked in the tears , took a few breath and went back inside . "Baby , please dont take this the wrong way but i would love it if i could not have anyone talk to me for the rest of the day " i said knowing she wasnt offend ."Okay baby" she gave me a hug and we sat there till it was time to get on the flight . We didnt talk one bit . i was on my phone looking threw my pictures and playing on my ipad & she was doing the same till we fell asleep . We got out of the plane and got to the hotel "I'm sorry adrii, i didnt know what eles to do" this time the tears didn't stop . " it's okay Aliie dont cry , he dosnt deserve you ." she comforted me . "i'mma get us some starbucks , to make up for my bitchiness ." i smiled . i stayed in the same clothes and headed out for the door . I was walking in starbucks and suddenly SPLAT Hot coffe was all over me ! Everywhere "AHHH YOU FUCKING IDIOT " I yelled "CANT YOU SEE WHERE YOUR GOING "?!?! I didnt bother looking up till i herd the voice again "Alison?" It was liam....

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