Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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19. Time to pack up

It is time to move with Liam . We had ALOT to pack and a lot to do ! So I started packing . I brushed my hair and put it in a messy bun , I put on a pair of light washed shorts & a tank top , with some black heart earrings . And started packing my things . I firts put my dirty clothes on the bottem of my luggage & the clean clothes was folded on the top . After that I put all my makeup , beauty supply's , hair dryer , straightener ect . In the carry on . I had to go to starbucks real quick to get some coffe to keep Adrianna an I awake ! I got in my new car I bought & drive of . 
I walked in to starbucks and a girl about 12 came up to me and said 
" oh my god your Liam's girlfriend " her mouth dropped . I just smiled at her and greeted her warm , I got mine and adrianna coffee  and headed back to the hotel . When I got back to my surprise the place was cleaned and out bagge was at the door , all we had to do is leave ! I was impressed with Adrianna !
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