Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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3. The hotel room

(August-31-13) It's a year later and the boys are back in town ! This year I had Ultimente V.I.P , so basiclly i was gonna spend the whole day with my heros . what more can you ask for ? Another upside is I was ALOT skinnier my hair was longgggggggggg , my body was better , and i was a diffrent person and as for my teeth , PERFECT . I was perfect , but 14 ! We woke up at 6:00 and i got dressed . ( We made it in time for the meet and greet . When we got there i wanted to be last becuase that gave us more time with the boys .I was staring down at my iphone reading threw my tweets & I herd liams vocie . the voice of a angel . He glanced over to me and I glanced to him . He had the biggest smile on his face , and i had the biggestsmile on mine + i was blushing ! When he saw me turning red he stoped everything walked over to me and said " Are you okay babe?" i stumbeled on my words and said " Ju-ju-just fineeeee" he gave me a kiss on the check & that was all it took all i remeber was thumping my head on the ground . I woke after the concert backstage ! One direction had just finished & I MISSED IT ! I woke up confussed and herd my phone start playing my ringtone "it feels like we've been living in fast foward---" i picked it up & said "he-hello?" "ALISON ARE YOU OKAY ! YOU MISSED THE CONERT !" .It was Emma " Emma? where am i ? what happend?" I questioned . "Hold on ill be backstage in a secound" She said . She hung up the phone and getting up with my snapback nealy falling of my head i saw the boys walk towards me . "are you okay babe ?" Harry asked ."Ye-yes " I said "what happend ?" I said still confussed as hell "Well , Mr.Payne over here diceded to give you a kiss on the check & flirt you up , and well , you fainted . I glanced over at liam and you could tell he was ashamed . "Oh , I remeber now" i said . Liam walking towards me said " I'm sorry , no one has ever fainted for me ! I didn't think ..." i smile at him & say "Why wouldn't they?" he looked down at his shoes and i gave him a hug ."Thanks for keeping me backstage" i wishperd .  He glanced at me & said " no problem sweety . here are some tickets for the next concert were having here in a couple days ,since you didnt injoy this one " When he finished that sntence i swear my smile was as big as planet earth." THANKYOU" I said trying to hol back my smile . Just then Emma walked in " ARE YOU OKAY ALISON?" she screamed as she ran up to give me hug. " I couldn't be better" . Just then mangment came in and said "lets go boys , time to get on the bus ." (Liam & Danielle are still dating !) Just then Zayn came up to me " Wanna go back to our hotel till you feel better ?" (I guess they didnt know i was only 14) "Sure" i said " Can emma come ?" "Of course,shes your friend right " Zayn questioned "HAHA no , my older sister -.-" Zayn looked surprised "How old ---" the magment inttrupetd and said " LETS GO BOYS!" Just before i knew it i was on the tour bus with my five heros ! When we got to the hotel Harry called me over "Alison come here" he patted his seat next to him asking for me to sit with him.Emma was really hitting it off with Niall & before i knew it she was in his room . When i sat next to Hazza he put his arms around me trying to make a move . Just before he was leaning in to kiss me ." Umm , Harry" i said "What , babe?" he questioned "I'm only 14" i confessed His eyes grew as big as his face "What!?!?!?" he said confused "I Really want to , but thats illegal " i continued " Omg i'm so sorry sweatheart" "It's okay hahaha , it would of been worse it hadn't said anything , i know i look older ! " He passed his soft hands threw my hair and said "Let's not say anything about this" "Agreed" I said . Till Emma & Niall were done i hung out with the boys . "Do you have a hiden talent?" Zayn asked "ALOT OF THEM" I answered "bet you cant bellydance" he chanllanged me ." Is that a challange i hear ?" before i knew it i was belly dancing and all the boys mouth droped . Emma finished her "Business" And we left .We said our goodbye's and Emma and i gave the boys our twitters & Phone numbers and departed.

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