Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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14. Talk with Harry

Adriannas POV 
Harry is acting weird . But that's not gonna ruin "our" night . 
"Harold , what's wrong ?" I had to ask . He didn't look like he wants to be here ! 
"can I be honest ?" he gave me a sad look . I knew where this was going & I didn't like it !
" of course " I said but you could feel the sad in my voice .
"okay , listen Adrianna you are very cool and beautiful and any guy would be lucky to have you but we are so different you remind me of zayn ! You are nothing like me .. My heart isn't with you it's ... It's.... It's... With Alison !" he answerd he felt relived to say that but on the other hand I was broken ! 
Harry's POV 
I just let eveything out , I let her know the truth I hope she won't hate me I love her but not as a girlfriend ! 
" Harry ..." she said with a soft voice that was cracking . She was trying not to cry . She was tearing up but she was holding it in .. I couldn't believe what I just did ! 
"Harry " she repeated 
"I'm do sorry Adrianna , you have to understand " my voice grew "okay . Your welcome to stay how long you want , just lock the door on your way out . I'm going to bed " she told me 
Adrianna POV 
I felt broken useless , ugly , and most of all I felt used . Harry and I have been on the road to dating for 5 days now . We have 2 days left good thing were leaving soon . I walked up to my room holding in the tears . When I sat on my bed it was like a waterfall . I WAS broken .. I fell asleep and about 30 minutes later I felt soft arms wrap around me . "sorry can we start over ?" it was Harry " Harold ?" I said " yeah babe ?" he said again . "get off me please " I protested "what ?" he questioned " GET OF " I shouted . " okay I'll go now " he felt bad you can tell by his voice .
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