Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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5. Sparks fly

"Well if it isn't Liam payne is it ?" I sarcastically questioned "Alison i thought i would never see you again i'm so sorry for what happen at the airport but the fact that you have a boyfriend kills me inside " you can tell he was EXTREMELY sorry , but that wasn't gonna stop me from not forgiving him. "Liam, i dont have a boyfriend i was at the California airport with my friend , we are moving here in 3 months and we came to buy our flat and get everything figured out " I spoke . His mouth drooped "OMG i feel like such a idiot .." before he could continue i cut him off "Well it was nice seeing you again James " i called to him (James is his middle name ) "Aliie wait " he shouted but i continued to walk away . On the way home i was mad at myself for not giving him a chance , i dont care if he is a superstar , i always loved him .When i got home with coffee all over my shirt and pants Adrii gave me O.o that look , "Heyy boo what happened to the coffee?" she asked . "I'm sorry baby but i kinda ran into him"i said with my vocie cracking i was about to let out the tears ."OH that basted!" She hugged me ."It's okay i just need sleep." . I woke up to adriana screaming at someone telling them to get out , I herd liam's voice saying "Just let me see her" Before i knew it he was in my room and i was pretending to still be asleep . Adriana came in and scream"GET OUT OR MOCK MY WORDS I WILL CALL THE POLICE!" . He gave her a sad look and she calmly said "you have 10 minutes" she sighed and slowly closed the door . "Alison i know your awake , but you can stay with your eyes closed just hear my out " He paused to see if i was gonna say anything but not a peep came out of my mouth ."okay listen , i'm soooo sorry i didn't know about this i realize how stupid and foolish i acted at starbucks & over the phone . Please you and i know better than anyone that iv'e loved you since the day at the tampa concert evan though you were 14 there was something about you i loved !" I looked up "Stop , please there is no reason for you to lie James , You and i know perfectly well that in your eyes i was just another fan ..." Before i could continue he lips locked onto mines and we were passionally kissing , this was more than a kiss we could both feel the sparks fly ! But being my usual self i backed of . "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING ?!?!" I screamed but not loud enough to let adriana hear me because i didn't want him to leave !"Love i'm sorry if i pressured you but i had to,i wanted to do this all my life!" he smiled . I half smiled ."Liam your gonna have to leave ." When i told him that the smile on his face got bigger for some odd reason."Alison Taylor Green you are one special girl" He got up and when he was walking away i couldn't help it but to pull him back and Lay myself on top of him and start making out with him . We were going at it for 10 minutes but when he took off his pants to make it more intence i stoped him . i placed my hands on his belt and took his off ,giving him a sign to not kill the mood. He removed his hand and passed it down my long hair . I took off my shirt and pants later on than he took of his shirt and i could feel his hot muscular body rub against mine , he went for a second try of taking his pants off and he succeeded , Just when my bra was about to come off WOOSH the door swung open "10 minutes are up payne " Adrii sang . but she was looking down so she didnt see what was going on "OMG I'm soo sorry guys " she said and walked out . But the mood wasn't killed just yet We kept making out passionately but soon liam pulled of . "I'm sorry love i cant do this " he said ashamed "what happened liam,did i do something" i questioned confused . "No .. i did " He said "what do you mean?"I was still confused "I cant ... " quickly threw on his clothes & headed for the door "LIAM" I shouted..He kept walking .

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