Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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22. Rescueing Adri

Harry's POV
"shall we?" I pointed at the cabin that was in the middle of the woods  so basically it was in the middle of no where .

"let's go" Zayn jumped out of the passenger seat and I followed him to the footsteps of the cabin .

Adriannas POV 
"who are you " I knew I had been kidnapped becuase I remember huge hands pull me from the side of my body . "shut up it will all be over soon ." said a man with a deep British accent and for once in my life I wasn't happy to hear someone with a British accent . "please let me go , please don't do anything to me !" I yelled "SHUTUP CHILD " he was very angry . He walked over to me becuase I had been tied to a chair and he was at the other side of what appears to be a kitchen . This place is worn down , like if no body had been here in years , kind of the same place Meagan fox took a boy in the movie (Jennifers Body) .  With every step that man took towards me I died a little inside . I knew this was the end , I never got to say sorry to Alison for storming of ....... ALISON , where's Ali ? What could of happens to her ? Did she get kidnapped aswell ?
When the man finally reached me he placed his cold hand on my lips "it's okay baby , I'll pleasure you ." he said . Before I knew it he was attempting to pull my zipper down , I was jumping up and down in the chair so he couldnt get to my zipper and just then the door swung open . It ... It was ZAYN and Harry ! "BOYS!" I yelled of excitement . "Adri babe " Zayn yelled back , then the man got up and ran for a knife he had on the kitchen counter , "make one more move and I'll kill her " he warned as he got closer to me pressing the knife on my neck .

Zayns POV 
"we all know how this is gonna end ,  the bad guy always wins " I was trying to manipulate him "so just let her go and this button right here won't be pressed , and if you don't I WILL press it and you WILL go to jail and I'll make sure you rot in there . " I rasid up my phone and was threting him into calling the police , "make your choice " I said as my finger got closer to the screen . 
And before 3 he spoke back 
"and what if I kill her ?" he laughed and pressed down the knife on her neck , Adri let out a big gasp . "well then I'll kill you " Harry said . "hahhahahaha child " he said and before he could make his move to kill her I was halfway across the room running to kill that bastard , in the corner of my eye I saw Harry pushing the "send " button on my phone . I ran and the man went to pound the knife into Adri who had been crying , buy before he could do anything Adriana flipped the chair over so the knife landed on the floor cupboard . I was running to the man to kill that little snot , and Harry ran to Adri to untie her from the chair . "Police is here no one move " yelled a tall and very strong looking man . The man threw his hands in the air and gave in .
When we got In the car to leave I gave Adri a kiss on her head and put her In the back seat of Harry's car , this time I drove . I knew we were gonna get questioned by Adri .

Adriannas POV 
"how did you guys find me ?" I asked 
"we tracked the cars license plate " he responed "where's Ali ?" I asked Zayn just looked back and let out a sigh . "listen babe , Ali went to go look for you and when she was crossing the street a car hit her " 
"WHAT ?!?! Take me to her , nOW!!!". I demanded "that's where we are going , Louis , Liam & Niall are at the hospital . But there's something else ...... " 
"how can this possibly get any worse " I said with tears streaming down my face 
"Ali is unconsince" when Zayn said that my heart fell out of my chest
 , it felt like I would of preferd for the guy to kill me . 
"wha...what ?" my vocie cracked ...
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