Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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7. Movie night with the boys

When we finally got to Liam's house we jumped out of the car and dusted ourselves of Adriana was very nervous becuase she really wanted to meet Harry & hopefully hit it of with him . But on the other hand it was very awkward for me becuase we were about to kiss when I was 14 and he was 19 , but I'm sure he got passed that and so did I . *knock,konck* "hey babe I'm so glad to see you " Liam pecked my cheek . "and you as well Adriana " he pecked hers as well " nice to see you Liam " she answered "Harry is in the guest bedroom he'll be out in a few , just go make yourself comfortable . I have to talk to Alison real quick " he smiled and Adrianna walked in the house and we stayed outside .
Liam POV
I can't screw this up I have to explain why I stormed out like that to the beautiful girl that I can't get out of my mind ! "alison , babe I'm sorry but ..." just before I could finish she locked her lips on mine "it's okay Liam , let start all over " she said with her perfect voice . "okay babe but you do know I love you and I'm sorry right ?" "yes I know that and I love you with all my heat aswell" she said . This girl had me crazy I was spinning around in circles for her I would touch a spoon for her , I need to make this girl happy I need to protect her with all my heart I'm never leaving her .
"Liam ?" I asked "yes babe " " are we officially going out " I asked again "nope" my smile turned upside down "not yet" he got down on one knee took my hand and said " Alison Green wll you be my girlfriend ?" At that moment what was running threw my mind was back at the concert when I nearly die just because he kissed me in the check and now he is asking me to be his girlfriend ?!?!?! I nodded and tears of joy came to my face . He got up wiped them with his thumb and grabbed my face slowly and passionately kissed me .
Then Harry stepped outside "hey guys we have a movie night planed and Adriana and I are getting bored . "oh yeah " I said and smiled at Liam
Holding his hand and walking inside .
Harry's POV
I see that Liam and Alison are officially going out and they brought me a girl I don't even know to be my "girlfriend" I guess they don't know that I still love Alison she is so perfect and we both have the same personalitys , but Liam is like a brother to me And I can't do that to him .
Adriana's POV
I can't believe I'm sitting next to Harry styles I am fangirling right now , but play it cool Adriana play it cool .. I see that Alison and Liam are official , this is gonna be a good night .
Alison's POV
I looked at Liam "babe , can I get a pair of sweat pants ? I'm not about to go threw a movie night with these tight skinny jeans ." he smile took my hand and lead me to his emormus room . It was perfectly clean and it was black walls with a red and withe and black bed , everything was red black &white . Liam took of his clothes , he had nothing on but a pair of rob kardasion boxers , I took of my hoodie than tank top than my Jordan's and lastly my tight skinnys . He looked at means his eye got bigger , I had on a pink Victoria secret bra and black Victoria secret panites that on the back said kiss me . He came over to me and kissed me . " what babe , your panites said kiss me " he smiled I went over to him and kissed him back " I should wear these more than " he went to his closet to get us things to put on and I folded our things and put it on his massive bed . He soon came back with black and gray sweat pants "which one do you want?" he questioned pulling the black ones away so I could pick the gray ones " well hmm I want the black ones " I said with a smirk upon my face . "Noooooo I want these " he said in a childish voice "well fight me for them " I answerd "pillow fight" we said at the same time we rushed to get pillows and I got one before him I smacked the pillow on his face and he fell backwards " OMG Liam are you okay babe ?" I thought I killed him , when I got closer to him i knew he was pretending so I start acting like Juliet from Romeo and Juliet " oh Romeo " I gave him a kiss on the mouth , and before I knew it he rolled me over and kissed me back "we really need to go Harry and adrii are gonna be mad at us ." I said he agreed and I ended up wining the black sweat pants . I was dressed in black sweat pants and a gray top with gray socks . And he was wearing everything gray . The movie had already started we could tell they were watching paranormal activetiy and Liam was giving me a piggy back ride down the stairs . When we slopped down to the couch we got a blanket and coverd ourselves we watch toy story sires which was mine And Liam's favorite movie and then we watch A whole bunch more I remember dozing off in the dictator .
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