Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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21. In coma

"Liam Adri was kidnapped " I yelled he was shocked , to shock to even stand up "whaa ?" his eyes widen "let's just go find her !" I ran outside the restaurant door and just as I was gonna cross the street *Boom* 

All I remember is a bright light and
A hard it on the side of my body .

Liam's POV 
I walked outside with the rest of the gang and I saw Ali laying on the floor . She had been hit by a car ! Oh no we have to get her to a hospital fast . "imma call a ambulance " I said sucking in my tears .

Harry's POV 
I gripped her hand becuase I didn't want to let go , she was still alive I could feel her heart beat close to me . Even when she is half dead she still looks beautiful .

Liam's POV 
"okay this is what's gonna happen . Harry zayn you guys go find Adri . I will go
To the hospital with Niall & Louis take Eleanor to get some rest mate " everyone agreed and split up . Ali would be happy to see Niall when she gets better 

"who is here for Alison Taylor Green " a sweet middle aged lady said "we are " Niall and I said at the same time . "we have some bad news .." she paused and looked down at her note pad she was holding "mrs green is unconceis " those word broke me in 100 tiny peicese "Niall I'm not leaving till she wakes up but go freshen up mate " I told Niall "your crazy I'm bit about to leave here !" Niall insured he was staying . 

Mean while at the Adrianna rescue ...
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