Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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28. I did not just do that . (Sex scene )

Alisons POV 


-Hey harry. it Ali.

-yeah babe?

- im staying at a hotel can you come keep me company?

- ill be right there.

Of course Haz knew what had happen with Liam and I . Little over than 20 minutes Harry Styles was knocking my hotel room door.

"Thanks for comming" i said opening the door to the room. "What are friends for?" He smiled "And pluse i got us pizza and cola" he said ."My favourite " i smiled .

*Harry and i talked and ate pizza for about a hour*

"Lets play truth or dare" He said "OKAY" I quickly agreed "I dare you to go out on the balconey and revale your brest " he laughed "Okay , i mean after all its only a dare " i said taking off my shirt . Harrys eyes widened and i puched him in the arm. "Quit it" i laughed , before i knew it i was on the tarce showing my boobs to anyone whom  passed by . "Okay i dare you to take of your pants and do what i did" i told harry "No bigge " harry said before taking his pants off. Soon a fan passed by and started to take pictures , it wasnt only Harry i was naked to ! "OH SHIT" I said covering my boobs . "YOLO" Harry screamed at the fan not caring . "HARRY lets go inside " i said yanking him . I pulled and pulled and in the last big pull . i pulled him so hard we both fell , soon he was ontop of me with a smile bigger then earth. I smiled back and held his neck and he started kissing me gentally and passionatley . " I need you" i said to harry . Harry got up and lead me to the bed.

Harry pushed me on the bed and i took off my shorts and soon we were both naked .

Harry walked out to me and kissed me harder and harder . 


"Im going to hell" i said "Ill see you there" harry said looking over to me and smiling .

I rolled over and fell asleep.

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