Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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27. Fight

"Babe wake up " I yelled in joy as I jumped ontop ofliam "I'm up . I'm up " he said in the cutest slepy vocie . "Ugh your so cute " I smiled. Liam sat up and gave me a small and blissfull kiss on the cheeck . "I made breakfast" i said walking outof the room with a large white tee and pink and white panites .

Liam quickly came down stairs ."So whats the plan for today?" i asked nibbling on a pice of toast.

"Studio then interview and then we have a dinner with the record company and we are allowed to bring a plus 1 " liam said before taking a drink of tea.

"sounds good" i said .

"What time is the dinne?" 

"11:00pm" liam said again

"Ill see you then baby" i said before heading upstairs to hit the shower .


soon after i was done Liam jumped in , i got ready and headed for Zayns .

"ADRIANNA YOU BETTER BE READY " I said almost tripping and dropping our starbucks . "yeah i am actually" she said and took a coffe of the stabucks tray . "Where's Zayn?" i asked "RIGHT HEREEEE"He sang . "listen babe iv got to go but be ready by 11 becuase the boys and myself have a dinner with the record label and your going" he said before picking up his coffee , giving her a kiss and leaving.

"I wanna go to the hair solan" i said breaking the silcene . "You know .. dye my hair a brownish redish colour " i went on . "Sounds good i wanna re touch this brown" she said picking up her things and walking out the door.

Once we had our hair done i didnt even reconize myself . I mean how do you go from pitch black to browish redish . But then again that was my naturl color .


"The boys are picking us up at Liams " i said .

"Summers almost over" adri said with a sadden face

"And we have to get back" she contuied .

"I know but for now , let injoy" i tried to stay positve

"It will only last for so long" was all she manged to say before seeing a car light shine brightly at us ."Lets go" i said half smiling .

Everything at dinner was perfect till we got to liams .

"Babe you do know that we have only one week left" i said

"so?" liam said confused 

"I have to go back to the US for a year ..." a tear rolled down my face .

"Im sure it will be over before you know it " liam said 

'Really?Wow' I thought to myself .


"WELL IS THAT MY FUCKING FAULT ?" Liam yelled back "Thats the first time you have yelled at me liam." i said as my vocie cracked and i started crying a river of tears. "YOU DESRVED IT" He said yelling again . 

I got up , looked at Liam and started packing . "What are you doing " he questioned . i said nothing back , i just contuied to throw my stuff in my bag. 


"Adri im going to the hotel we stayed in when we came , me and liam are offically over!" i said over the phone as i was walking out of Liams house .

"BABE , im sorry" liam yelled at his front door as i got in my car. Liam started running to my car but before he could say anything i sped of .

(3 Days later)

Liams POV .

She will come back , but i feel like a total dick for doing that to her , shes the love of my life .

A knock at my door snapped my from my day dream. It was Zayn and Adri.

"What happend man?" Zayn said letting himself in with adri on his side . "Didnt she already tell you?" i said. "You have to fix this , shes leaving towmarrow"Zayn said . "Its not my fault" i said . "Oh well " Zayn said .

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