Becuase Of Payne

Alison has always been a directioner , since the moment she saw one direction she made it her life goal to meet them & she did Mire than once ! They become friends , but what happens when the lose touch and Alison is moving to London with her bestfriend Adrianna ? Will she ever see "him" again ? How will her life change in one week ?
Read to find out .....
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6. Can you come over

After Liam mysteriously left I fell asleep still wondering what had happend . Adriana came in my room & asked "Hey are you awkae?" "I am now " I yawned "Wanna grab dinner?" She asked "DINNER?!?! How long was i asleep?" i was so confussed . Was mine and Liams ALMOST affiar a dream or was it real? "Not long , so dinner? " She questioned. i  Nodded & got dressed i wore this ( & We headed out for the street . We got into our rental car and went to nandos , in a place that you can tell wasn't very popular and didnt get much visitors , Which was perfect for conversation . We walked in looking very throwed . "Hey, girls can i take your order?" A very nice lady said "Um , yes can i have a mango chicken & a diet cola ?" I answered "Can i have a extra hot chicken with cola " Adriana said . I gave her a WOW look and she gave me a confused look " You know i like trying new things" She smirked "I know but .. Just whatever" i answerd "Okay Alison." I looked down at my phone & i was on twitter and emma tweeted "HOW IS LONDON , Call me when you read this " i smiled and demised my self . "Heyy Emma , It alison i saw your tweet . call me when you get the message . I hope your doing good" I hung up and looked down waiting for her to call me back but i was outside for 10 minutes and i was staring to get cold . "Erm , miss are you okay ?" I looked up and this Absolutely gorgues man was standing before me . He had blue/green eyes , muscular , tall , and his hair remind me of liams . "Oh hey" my face went from normal to a huge smile "I'm actually kind of cold" i smiled . "Well i think i can fix that" he warped his warm arms around me "How about this?" He had a thick British accent just like liam. I swear this boy had me crazy i almost forgot i was with Adri. "Oh shit" i whispered "What happened beautiful?" those words made me just want to kiss him "I'm actually with my friend here , Wanna come in and grab some dinner with us ?" i asked , his smile grew "Defiantly how can i pass up a dinner with someone as beautiful as you?" . Okay i garbed his arm and lead him inside . We sat and ate till my phone rang , i didn't bother looking down because i thought it was Emma. "Exusse me guys , it my sister " I exussed myself I stepped outside and i got very chilly even though i was wearing a hodie . Just then i looked down at my phone and it said "Liam" I diced to pick up "Well hello James , are you okay?" i Answered "ALSION I'm so sorry i stormed out love, can we grab dinner and i'll explain everything" he said "Liam i'm actually at dinner with Adrianna right now , we kind of need sometime to talk but as soon as i Finnish i'll drop her off and head to your place ." i said "Sounds perfect" You could hear he was exited .  "Okay james see you than" I treed to sound angry but i couldn't . I went inside and we wraped up becuase i REALLY wanted to see liam. "I Never caught you name" I told -Mrs.hottie- " It Jakson" he smile we exchanged number and on they way home me and adrianna had a conversation "Your taking me with you to liam's house"She said "how did you know i was going there?" i smirked "I...know...everything..." she said and we started laughing . "Let me call him to let him know" i answerd *Ring,ring* "Ello love" his beautiful vocie answerd "Um hey liam are the boys gonna be at your house?" i asked "No just us,why do you want them here?" he asked "Well adrii wants to come and i thought we could all hang out?" i asked "Okay i'll invite Harry" he said . "Okay" i answered and looked over at adriana "YOUR GONNA HANG OUT WITH HARRY" I shirked and we both started screaming! "thank you " she smiled i nodded and we started listening to music and talking while we were on the way there.






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