Shh.. don't tell !

Ashley thought her life in Mullingar was easy .. until she found out she was cousin's with ...


3. X-Factor

I woke up around 7;30 am . I took a shower and combed my long curly brown hair .. i put my contacts on (clear) and went to my closet i chose a white v-neck with cacki (spelling ? ) short shorts , green toms and a green striped cardigan . I straighten my hair and then i did my makeup i put on eyeliner and curled my lashes and topped it off with mascara and lipgloss . I went downstairs and made breakfast . I set it on the table and i went to get syrup for my pancakes . By the time i turn around Nialler was already eating my pancakes " it needs syrup. " he said like nothing happened . " Niall... those were my pancakes, rememeber im auditioning today . " I said . " Sorry .. " he said and stop eating . " but as you should know .. i'm auditioning to . " Niall said proudly . My face turned from sad to happy . I hugged him and smiled .


__ time skip (: ** The auditions


Ashley's POV

I went up stage and they said " Hello what's your name , love ? " "Ashley" . " Lovely, when you're ready " she said . I sang No One by Alicia Keys .. once i said Simon said .. -



Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter (;

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