Shh.. don't tell !

Ashley thought her life in Mullingar was easy .. until she found out she was cousin's with ...


5. VMA's

I got to the awards , and went to the red carpet only the swarm of grupies and paparrazzi , it was crazy . Then i hear that irish accent .. Niall was next to me . " Hey Ash , long time no talk " Niall said . "Hey niall , how have ya been " The conversation went on forever , the paparrazzi took tons of photos of us it was crazy , once we got inside me and the boys went backstage. I went to go get changed and so did they . I was getting my hair did cx and i heard ''Ashley and One direction to the stage entrance please .. ''

i got on stage so did they and i started singing want you back , at the middle my music stopped their song one thing started and they did until the middle then we mashed it up, everyone cheering , at the end niall said " she's my cousin " ;) and winked

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