Shh.. don't tell !

Ashley thought her life in Mullingar was easy .. until she found out she was cousin's with ...


4. "The happiest day ever "

Simon said " Yes , you've got the X-Factor" all the other judges agreed and there i was me, Ashley Martin am in the X factor . I smiled " Thank You so much "



After a few weeks in the x factor Ashley worked alone .. solo . Niall got in a band called One Direction with Zayn, Harry, Liam,Louis , and niall of course . I won 2nd place in the solo gig . Niall won 3rd .

He got famous after 2 months .. so did I . But , I haven't talked to niall very long. 6 Months in fact .. its been 2 years since i've won , I'm not very famous .. I've won a emy , and a grammy . & today i'm going to the MTV VMA's and I'm preforming tonight, so is niall . If you're asking yes i moved out from Aunt Linda's house , im 21 now.. I picked my dress .. a tight turquoise mini dress it fitted a little bit upper from the knees , some silver pumps and silver jewlery to match . for my hair and makeup they did a low bun with a 2 braids on the side , i put on white eyeshadow with brown on the crease then i put liquid eyeliner and mascara . I was done . After that a white strech limo showed up and i got on .. from there on i was on my way to Fame and Niall .

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