Shh.. don't tell !

Ashley thought her life in Mullingar was easy .. until she found out she was cousin's with ...


2. Niall & Gregg

I got out of the car and got my purse . I imediatly went and hugged Aunt Linda and Uncle Chris .

" I missed you , a lot " i said . She almost started sobbing . " I missed you to Ashley . " she said .

I went to say "hi" to Niall and Gregg . They just hugged me and said " My mom has talked about you a lot ". They had a very strong Irish accent , so did I but not that strong , I hugged back and said " we should hang out " . i let go of the hug and we started unpacking .. they had a room for me already it had green walls and two blue chairs with a beautiful view . ( it looks like this )  I really appreciated that they spent money on me. " Thank you so much Aunt and Uncle ". I said while hugging them



Niall's POV.


Ashley to me is gorgeous , she looks a lot like my mom and aunt sally, she had the caramel greenish  eyes and of course light brown hair. I helped unpack her stuff and i had also helped decorate her room she was going to be staying in , if she wasn't my cousin i would have fallen for her . My mom told me that she was going to be auditioning for the X-Factor as well , i hope we can at least hear wachother practice , I'm not that person with singing classes , but my brother says i have a good chance in making it , i hope so .

I walked over to Ashley's room . She was using her iPad and i guess she was on Facebook or something . "Hey Niall, you need anything ? '' she asked " Oh , no i just wanted to see if you were comfortable ? " . "Yeah i love the room ! It's just like home . " " Not to bother , but why did you leave Dublin ? " . " Long story .. - " she said " I've got time . " I went and sat down in the blue comfortable chair , she walked over to me and sat beside me . " well, i wanted some freedom , and i'm gonna audition for the x-factor . " she said proudly . " Let me hear you sing. " " Fine , but promise not to laugh ". she said  . She then started singing No One by Alicia Keys . **** Once she finished i clapped and smiled at her . " You sing beautiful ! " I said . "Thanks " she said then smirked . She then got her iPad and said " Smile " . She then took the picture , and posted it on Twitter and Facebook ": With my cousin Niall . " was her caption . It made me so happy knowing that she liked me .

Ashley's POV

"Well i best be going " Niall said . " Oh okay , goodnight ". I said . He left , closed the door and i heard the foot steps getting softer . I went to the restroom that i had in my room ( like that ) and changed to my pijama shorts and washed my face , after that i went to bed and fell into a soft slumber .

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