Shh.. don't tell !

Ashley thought her life in Mullingar was easy .. until she found out she was cousin's with ...


1. Moving Time ..

@ home

Ashley's p.o.v

"mom, it's time to go !! " ashley yelled

" goodluck sweetie " mom yelled . She went downstairs and hugged her and kissed her cheek

" keep in touch " she was nearly crying now . " i know mom . you have to trust me "

"i know sweetie ,it's hard letting you go . " You were out the door with the last box .

" bye mum '' ashley said




well, i'm a 19 year old who hasn't moved out .-. i lived in Dublin .. i wanted to travel so i moved to Mullingar . I'm auditioning for the X-Factor this year . I'm going to live with my aunt Linda for a while , she told me i wanted to meet my cousin Niall ? I've never met him .. but my Aunt says he's very nice and that i had to meet him . I had a lond road trip to get to Aunt Linda's house .. she lived in a very small town . I turned on the radio while i was driving .. a song called ''good time '' came on and i started singing along . it was quite cachy and i liked it alot . what i kept thinking about was how was i so lucky that i get audition and move out , don't get me wrong i loved my mum, but i'm an adult who deserves freedom , and deserves to make her own choices . I got to my aunt linda's house and there she was with my uncle Chris , and i think niall and his brother gregg . This looked like an awesome family and life .

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