My First Try At Poetry

As the title implies: this is my very first try at poetry. I have always admired poetry. Joining this website I have get the chance to read many different types of poetry. Some of my favourites are mostly done my WriterMan. Please only leave positive feedback, and please make sure that if you do read them that you leave feedback. It would mean a lot to me.


8. Suddenly - A memory/Free verse poem


Suddenly I was tumbling to the ground,



Falling from the back of my pony,

Colliding with the ground as I finally let go.


The blur of the ground,

The powerful legs pounding dangerously close to my head.


and again,

and again.

Terrified looks of the bystanders who could do nothing,

as I cantered uncontrollably around the ring.


Hoovee thundering on the ground,

 horses high pitched screams.

Gasps from the crowd as I started slipping,


from the back of the pony.


Tooth chattering thud as I hit the cold, hard earth,

The bone crunching sound of his hard, solid foot,

Crushing my arm.


Dusty horses mixed with the fresh hay,

Sweat dampening his coat,

Mud mixed with fresh cut grass and manure.


Air escaping into my mouth,

Then pushed out in the rhythmic pattern of his gate.

The faintest,


Taste of blood as gravity pulls me to the ground.


Plaited mane as I tried helplessly for a hold,

Dampened, warm body of the gelding who would not stop.

The ground crushing my lungs and an impossibly heavy weight,

Oh the morgan's hoof pinching my arm to the ground.


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