Down By The Lake

When Chloe Bishop starts as a student at Lakeside Boarding School the last thing she expects is to actually enjoy it. She definitely doesn't expect to meet anyone. But then, nothing's as it seems at Lakeside...


2. Lakeside


Chapter 2 – Lakeside


I was surprised to find the boarding school was pretty dilapidated considering all the hype; it did not – on an epic scale – meet my expectations.

High buildings loomed over me, like some kind of old prison; I gaped at the sheer enormity.

“Big – isn’t it?” Kristen breathed, her bluey-green eyes were squinted as she scrutinised the building. I nodded without saying a word and she looked towards me with a huge grin, “How exciting?!”

Her excitement was infectious and I found myself grinning back.

I suppose, despite being so against the idea to begin with, it was all kind of exciting. The prospect of learning with a bunch of people that wanted to learn rather than being lumbered with the dregs of society - the ones who were forced into education - was much brighter.

“I do hope we’re not in shared dormitories.” A girl from behind us sneered.

In fact, bring back the dregs of society – at least they weren’t stuck up.

“We are in shared dorms,” Kristen explained, gesticulating with her tiny hands, “Two to a room.”

“I do hope I’m not with her.” I whispered to Kristen, she giggled and nodded as we made our way through double doors into the main entrance.

The old, decrepit feel of the building continued throughout and I couldn’t help but feel cold through to my bones as we were marched – single file – to a large room to the right of the main entrance.

“That was the crush hall.” A prefect from the front of the line shot over her shoulder, “Everyone passes through there to get to lectures...hence the name.” She continued as she lined us up at the back of the hall.

“There are four houses.” A large woman with red hair began as she walked in front of us, “You are all in Beacon House and have all been assigned a room in Beacon Dormitories.” Huge leather boots sounded on old floorboards as she crossed the hall. “Fresher’s fair begins in an hour and ends at 7, there will not be any parties after – is this understood?”

The group of 20-odd students exchanged looks of confusion.

“I said... Is this understood?!” She bellowed.

“Yes ma’am.” Came our messy response.

Red-headed bossy lady smiled slightly and clasped her hands in front of her stomach, “Good, Jennifer take the ladies to their dorms and Daniel... Daniel?” She pivoted on the spot and frowned, “Jennifer, where is Daniel?”

‘Jennifer’, the prefect from earlier, stood as straight as her back would allow and cleared her throat, “I haven’t seen him Miss.”

She pulled her eyebrows together in aggravation as all trace of a smile disappeared from her mouth, “Very well, Jennifer take the ladies to their dorms and I will take the gentlemen.”

I found myself imitating Jennifer’s posture as Miss Bossy Red Head wandered past, the boys from our group scurried after her through the door we came in.

Jennifer cleared her throat when she was sure she was out of ear shot and smiled brightly, “That was Miss. Bland.” She explained tossing a curtain of blond hair over her shoulder, “Lakeside’s Head, she’s nice till you get on her bad side.” She added her brow furrowing slightly. “So if you’d like to follow me, I’ll show you to your dorm.” 

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