Down By The Lake

When Chloe Bishop starts as a student at Lakeside Boarding School the last thing she expects is to actually enjoy it. She definitely doesn't expect to meet anyone. But then, nothing's as it seems at Lakeside...


1. Chloe

Chapter 1 - Chloe 



Maybe my parents hated me? Maybe that’s why they were doing this. I didn’t dare entertain the thought that maybe they were doing this because they cared, no that was absurd. If they cared – which, I was positive they didn’t – then the thought of not seeing me for 3 months might have affected them somehow. And yet, neither one had even made the effort to come and see me off, to make sure that I got on to the train alright. No. They didn’t care, they couldn’t.

So I was alone; standing with my luggage against the wall of the train station. There were a few Lakeside students here too, that much I could tell by the fact they were saying goodbye to their overbearing mothers who were by this point in floods of inconsolable tears.

“You promise you’ll call me?!” One mother pleaded, she had both her dainty hands on her son’s cheeks. He looked embarrassed by her display of affection and was a little too quick to assure her.

“3 months is a little long, I wonder if they’d consider release on the weekend.” Another mother voiced her thoughts.

And another – bless her heart – just cried silent tears with her head rested on top of her daughters.

I would kill for that kind of relationship with my own Mom; sadly that’s probably what it would take for her to see me as anything but a drain on her resources.

“Hi!” A petite girl with blonde hair grinned at me, her bluey-green eyes were clouded with emotion – she’d probably just spent the past half an hour comforting her Mom... I tried to push that to the back of my mind. “I’m Kristen, but you can call me Kriz, who are you?”

“I’m Chloe.” I shook her hand, albeit slightly reluctant at first. But I was glad of the company.

“Is this your first year at Lakeside?” She barely waited for my answering nod, “Mine too, my sister came last year and said it’s brilliant, she’s off in LA now.” She explained quickly waving her hand dismissively.

I couldn’t imagine Lakeside Boarding School to be as brilliant as Kristen...Kriz probably expected. But then again... anything had to be better than home. 

It was common knowledge that Lakeside was a prestigious boarding school, Mom had mentioned – a few hundred times – before I left that I was very lucky to be going here.

Yes. Very lucky – being taken away from all of my friends and shoved into a high pressured school filled with rich kids and told to play nice – very lucky indeed.

As the train slowed to a stop at the station, I stared wistfully towards a girl and her overbearing parents, all with tears in their eyes.

Goodbye, Mom. Goodbye, Dad. 

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