Faster Than a Train

Nina is so excited to move to London with her two best friends, Tori and Amanda. But she gets the shock of her life when she runs into the one thing they had hoped to avoid the whole trip, One Direction.


2. Chapter Two.

"Ughhhhhhh," I groan, watching as the five boys turn and whisper, occasionally looking over at us. "Nina let's go back to our cabin," Amanda whispered, her eyes trained on the boys. I nodded and slowly rose, Amanda and Tori following closely behind. I quickly throw open the door squeezing through as soon as I could, "Wait!" we heard as the door closes behind us. "Well that was close!" Tori joked as we walked back. The train jerked and we all stumbled sideways. "Woah!" I heard somebody yell, and I turn to look. Amanda was sprawled out on a booth seat, while Tori was lying in the arms of Liam Payne. "Put her down please!" I sneer, looking right into his eyes. His eyebrows shoot up and he immediately releases his grip on Tori, his hands flying back to his sides. Tori regained her balance and smoothed out her clothes and walked over to me, gingerly sitting down on the seat across from me. "S-sorry, I just wanted to help..." Liam stuttered, eyes fixated on the ground. "Yeah! The lad just walked through the door and she fell into his arms! Ain't that right Liam?" piped in the irish one. "Niall, shut up!" the one with curly hair hissed and hit him over the head. "Ouch mate! Uncalled for!" Niall whispered and shrunk back behind Liam, giving the other boy a death glare. "Well good day boys, come on girls!" I say, looking over at them. Tori leads and Amanda and I follow, not one of us looking back at Liam, Niall and whoever the other ones are. Amanda slides the cabin door shut and plops down on the closest seat. "Well that was an interesting dinner!" she jokes, flashing her perfect smile. "Yeah, it was!" Tori laughs, looking at me. "What do you think of tonight?" she asks me, her eyes searching my face, trying to read my emotion. "Meh," I shrug, "I've had worse!" I simply say and add a little laugh, letting the girls know I was ok. They both giggle, and start chatting away about what they want to do when we get to the flat. I pull out my iphone and go on twitter, and I scroll through my tweet log. I frown as I see somebody retweeted: "@Real_Liam_Payne: Met some  lovely girls on the train a few moments ago." and a picture of Tori, Amanda and I eating, but only Amanda and Tori looking at the camera smiling. My face dropped, "Hey guys, did you know that Liam Payne tweeted about us and included a picture?" I ask, keeping my voice as steady and flat as possible. "No..." they both say, slowly getting up to come look at my phone. I stick in their faces and drop it into their hands, as if it's a disease. They take one look at the phone and look at each other, the biggest smile on their faces. "Nina, even though we hate them," Amanda said, drawing out the e, "if we gave them our twitter names, imagine how many followers we could have!" Tori squealed, finishing off Amanda's sentence. "Whatever..." I huff and grab my phone back. I start to think about what Tori said and I started to realize that she was right!
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