Faster Than a Train

Nina is so excited to move to London with her two best friends, Tori and Amanda. But she gets the shock of her life when she runs into the one thing they had hoped to avoid the whole trip, One Direction.


3. Chapter Three.

But giving them our twitter names would mean that we'd have to talk to them, be nice to them, and pretend to like them! I thought. "No amount of followers is worth talking to them!" I sneered at them. "How about we just go to sleep and discuss it tomorrow morning. Okay?" Tori said, clearly trying to get me to calm down. "Fine." I huffed at Tori. But after a night like tonite, maybe a good nights sleep is just what I need. I wake up the next morning and Tori and Amanda aren't in the cabin. After a little while of waiting for them, I decided to get dressed and go get breakfast. I head over to the restaurant. All the tables were empty, except for one. Sitting at it were Tori, Amanda, Liam, Niall, the one with curly hair, and the other two guys. "I can't believe it. They're actually sitting with them! Why? Why  on earth would they wanna interact with them? Are they sick or something? Well whatever." I thought to myself. "Hey, Nina! Over here!" Tori said cheerfully. I walked over and got some food. Pancakes, bacon, some scrambled eggs, and a glass of orange juice. "Nina! Come sit with us!" Amanda said brightly. I just ignored her and walked back to our cabin. "I'd rather eat alone in the cabin, than with them." I mumbled to myself under my breath. After breakfast Tori and Amanda came back to the cabin to check up on me. "Nina, why didn't you come sit with us at breakfast?" Tori asked me. "Yeah, didn't you hear us calling you?" Amanda chimed in. "Oh I heard you guys." I half snapped back. "Well then why didn't you come sit with us?" Amanda happily questioned me. "Because I refuse to them! I hate them! And I thought you guys did too..." I responded. "They're not that bad once you give them a chance, Nina." Amanda said. "Whatever. We're almost at our stop. It's too late anyways. Let's just forget about them, pack up our stuff, and start thinking about what we're gonna do first after we finish unpacking the apartment." Tori said, trying to make peace. "Good idea." I responded. "Alright." Amanda said. But it wasn't alright. I could tell Tori and Amanda were upset. I felt so bad. But I need to forget about it rite now and pack. I can make it up to them later. We packed up our stuff and talked about how we wanna decorate the apartment and what we're gonna do first in London. Before we knew it, we were at our stop. We got off the train and took a cab to our apartment. There wasn't much there. A living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a dining room, and a patio. There were the obvious items, tables, chairs, sinks, couches, etc. but other than that, there wasn't much there. In fact, it was pretty bland. "This is great! It's so big and looks amazing!" Amanda said very cheerfully. "Do you seriously think this looks great? It's so bland." I said. "It's bland now, but just think of all the ways we could decorate it!" Amanda cheered. "I can't wait to decorate! Let's go unpack so we can start decorating!" Tori chimed. We unpacked and went and bought stuff to decorate with. "It'll be a while until our furniture gets here." Tori said after she finished ordering the furniture. "That's fine with me, just as long as we get to rest for a little while now." I said half jokingly. We had just finished decorating and had been relaxing for like five minutes, when some music started blasting in the apartment next to. "Nina, wait." "Don't go over there!" Tori and Amanda said, trying to stop me. But it was too late. I had already stormed over there and pounding on the door. "I couldn't believe it. How did this happen?" I thought to myself. Because standing right in front of me, again, was One Direction.
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