Faster Than a Train

Nina is so excited to move to London with her two best friends, Tori and Amanda. But she gets the shock of her life when she runs into the one thing they had hoped to avoid the whole trip, One Direction.


1. Chapter One.

We finally did it! Amanda, Tori, and I finally got enough money to go live in England. Thankfully Amanda has relatives living in London and were able to find us a good apartment and some job listings.

It's always been one of Tori's dreams to fly to England and take a nice long train ride through the country to London. Luckily we were able to find cheaper plane tickets and can take that train ride.

The plane just landed. We went and got our luggage and then took a taxi to the train station. We boarded the train and found our cabin. We settled in and them decided to go see if the restaurant was still open. Thankfully it was. But there weren't many people there because it was so late. So we chose a table and ordered some food. But by the time we got it we were the only ones there.

We ended up talking about all the things we wanted to do. Go see Big Ben (and Westminster Palace), take a tour of Buckingham Palace, ride the London Eye, and tour the Olympic Stadium. Amanda hopes we run into Ed Sheeran.

"Oh no," I said.
"What?" Tori responded.
"That reminds me of one downside of living in London." I expressed.
"Nina, turn around." Amanda said to me.
I turned around to find the one thing we hate about England. The one thing that we were hoping to avoid this whole trip, but knew we couldn't. One Direction.
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