A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


9. Chapter 9 <3

 I open my eyes to see a surprised Louis Tomlinson below me. “Love, what are you doing out here?” He asks as I roll off of him. “Running from Harry.” I huff looking down. “What did he do?” Louis asks curiously. With that question, I began sobbing. Louis got up and cradled me in his arms. “Don’t cry Arianna.”  “Louis, it’s hard not to cry when your life is falling apart.” I say in between sobs. “Love, come on… let’s go.” Louis says standing up and holding out his hand to help me up. “Thanks Lou.” I say as I stand up. “No problem Ari.” As we walked through the woods I felt mortified, little did Harry know I was very insecure. Little did he know I had suffered anorexia and almost went into depression! He knew nothing about me! So for him to have that picture made me feel sick. I let out a sigh and Louis grabbed my hand. As soon as we got to the camp site, Louis went to his tent, grabbed his car keys and we headed out. I didn’t care where he was taking me, I was just happy to get away from Harry. “So love, how did this whole you running through the woods thing happen? What did Harry do?” Louis asks looking over at me. When Louis drove I felt safe, there were no sharp turns and I had no fear of him rolling us off the motorway. “Promise you won’t tell anyone Louis?” I ask looking down and fidgeting with my hands. “I pinkie promise.” He says as he reaches his right hand over and puts out his pinkie. “Okay…here it goes. A few years ago, I started having really bad self-esteem issues. I hated myself, and I still do… “Don’t say that Ari.” He says sadly. “Let me finish Louis!” “Ok” “Okay, so when I started having these self-esteem issues I also started starving myself. I was admitted into ER and they almost lost me, it’s a miracle I’m still here. Even though I wish I wasn’t still here, I am. So when Harry and I ended our hike and he wanted me to swim, I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t be only in a bikini. When I told him I didn’t want to swim Louis, he pulled out my worst nightmare, a picture of me last year in the Bahamas in a bikini. It makes me sick knowing he has that Lou! It really does.” I end the last sentence slumping down into the seat. Suddenly Louis jerked the car to the side of the motorway. He un-buckled and gave me the biggest hug I’ve had in years. “Arianna, I’m so sorry that happened to you and I’m so sorry about Harry. He didn’t know. He never knows better.” Louis says as I cry and un-buckle my seat belt. As soon as it swung back, Louis picked me up and cradled me on his lap in the driver’s seat. I buried my face into his chest and sobbed for a good 15 minutes. When I was done I look up to see that Louis’ shirt was completely soaked. “I’m sorry Louis.” I say looking up into his eyes. “Don’t be Arianna. He says squeezing my hand. After a couple more seconds, I decided it was probably time for me to get back into my own seat. “Hey Ari, can you grab me that blue shirt on the backseat?” Louis asks politely. “Yeah, just a sec.” I say reaching for the shirt. When I grabbed it and went to hand it to Louis, he was completely shirtless. His body was nice and tan and he had a nice toned body. “Take a pic Ari, it lasts longer.” He says with I wink. I quickly throw the tee shirt at him and slump back into the passenger seat. “I was just kidding Arianna.” He says teasingly while slightly toughing my shoulder. He then pulled on the tee shirt and we sped back onto the motorway. After we chatted and laughed for about 15 more minutes, he took a slip road and we pulled into the ice cream shop driveway.  “What kind of ice cream would you like Ari?” Louis said looking up at the sign. “Umm… I can’t decide there’s so many to choose from, but Cherry chip sounds amazing at the moment!” I answer. “One Chili flavoured ice cream and one Cherry Chip ice cream cone please.” Louis says to the young girl that’s working. “Okay, that’ll be $6.00.” She says as Louis grabs out his wallet. As soon as the girl quickly scooped our cones, we found a booth. “Ewww.” I say in disgust as Louis licks his chili flavoured ice cream. “What?” He answers taking another lick. “How can you eat that?!” “It’s delicious, here try some.” He says shoving the cone towards me. “I don’t know Lou...” “Oh come on Ari!” After a couple seconds I decide to try it. “That is delicious!” I say licking my lips. “I told you!” He exclaims with a grin. Suddenly, Louis’ phone went off, causing us to jump. “Hello?” “Yeah, I’ve seen her! She’s right here!” He exclaims. “Okay? Here’s Arianna.” He says while handing me the phone. I instantly covered the speakers and asked him “Who is it?” “Bay.” He says. And with that I answered the call. “Where are you!” Bay screamed into the phone. “With Louis.” I reply simply. “No, really. Arianna, we were worried sick about you! Harry is in tears.” “I’m sorry, I’ll be out there as soon as possible.” “Ok see you in a bit. Get your ass out here… NOW!” “Ok bye.” I say before hanging up and handing Louis back his cell. “We should get heading back to the campsite, love.” Louis says standing up. “Yeah, I guess we should.” I say as we head out of the diner. “Thanks for taking me out for ice cream I really needed that escape Lou.” I say as I hop in the passenger seat. “No Problem Ari.” He says smiling cheekily. When we got to the campsite, I was tackled in a humungous hug as soon as I stepped out of the car. 

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