A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


7. Chapter 7 <3

 As soon as we hit the motorway, Harry started with his crazy driving again. “So, why are you dragging us out into the middle of the woods again?” Bay asked, shoving the blankets and pillows that had fallen on her when Harry sharply turned a curve.  “Liam and Danielle were out camping this weekend and when they went to pack up today, their car wouldn’t start. The rest of the guys decided it would be fun, if we all went and joined them. Plus, it also gives you guys a chance to get to know us better.” “Where did Louis go?” I ask confused and wondering why he wasn’t with us. “He left a couple minutes before us.” Harry answered. “Where are we all going to stay?” Bay asked. “In a tent!” Harry exclaims looking up in the rearview mirror so he could see Bay as they talked. “You… sleep in a tent? HAHA” I laugh. “What’s so funny about me camping and sleeping in a tent?” harry asks dumbfounded. “I don’t know, let’s see… your outfit at the moment is probably worth about a good $600 and you don’t seem like the kind of person who likes to be outside. You remind me more of the type of guys who go and stay at cheap Holiday Inns for a night.” I huff. As soon as I finished that last sentence, a singe of pain hit Harry. You could just see it in his face, that what was just said had impacted him greatly. He ignored me for the rest of the car ride… There was nothing but silence as we drove on. After about 20 minutes in the car, we turned down a dirt road and headed into the forest. I looked to the backseat and saw Bay passed out. “Bailey, wake up!” “Shut up” She grumbled burying her face into the pillows beside her. “We’re almost to Niall.” I sing. “What!” She exclaims spazzing out a bit. It only took us about four minutes of driving through the woods, before we saw a group of people sitting around a campfire and 3 tents spread out.  As soon as Harry parked the car, he popped the trunk and we grabbed our tent. “Harry, do you even know how to set this thing up?” I say as we spread out the tent on the pine covered forest floor. “Yeah, I got it. Go sit down love.” He says putting the rods together. I went and sat on the tree stump, next to where he was setting up our tent. 20 minutes went by and Harry was tangled up in the tent on the ground rolling around. It was almost dusk out and I wanted to be able to have somewhere to sleep that night. “Harry, let me help you.” I see reaching out my hand to help him out of the wrapped up tent. He smiled and took my hand, getting up off the ground and grabbing the opposite side of the tent. Working together, it only took us about 15 minutes to set up the tent, blow up the air mattress, and move the pillows and sleeping bags in there. “Well love, we make a great team.” Harry says putting his arm around me and smiling cheekily. “Yeah, I guess we do.” “So Harry, are you ever going to introduce your lady friend to us?” Zayn asks teasingly. “Oh sorry guys…Guy’s this is Arianna, my beautiful fiancée. Arianna, this is the boys and of course, Danielle.” Harry says smiling big and proud.  I looked around at the six people standing around us. The first one I noticed automatically was the guy I met earlier, Louis. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt with red trousers and white toms.  He was smiling cheekily at me and ran over to give me a huge hug. “I’m surprised Harry got you out here, love.” He whispered in my ear with a chuckle. “Yeah, me to.” I whispered back laughing. After a few moments he let go and stepped back, and a blue eyed blonde approached me. He was wearing a bright blue Ralph Lauren polo and was holding a guitar in his left hand. “Hey Arianna, I’m Niall. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you… Hey aren’t those Harry’s Sweats?” Niall asks curiously while raising an eyebrow. “No wonder it took them so long to get out here… Arianna just couldn’t resist the curls, then again… Who can?!” Louis says laughing hysterically. “Sorry I didn’t want to wear a skirt out in the woods!” I shoot back at them. “Nah, we all know what you guys were up to.” Niall says winking. I just roll my eyes at the snide remark and look at Harry who was smiling happily to himself. Pfftt… In his dreams. “Boys, boys calm down.” Liam said making his way over to me. “Hi love, and welcome to the family! It’s so nice to finally meet you! Harry never shut up about meeting you since the day I met him.” “Nice to meet you too! Liam right?” “Yep, Liam Payne. And this is my lovely girlfriend Danielle.” He says grabbing her hand and leading her over towards us. “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you! I can tell that we’re going to be great friends already!” She said smiling. Suddenly, and out of nowhere we heard russling in the brush behind us. “Liam! I’m scared! Zayn says hiding behind him. “Omg, I thought I was lost! Thank god I heard Niall laughing or I wouldn’t have found my way back here!” Bay exclaimed. “What in the bloody hell were you doing wondering off into the woods?” I exclaim gobsmacked. “I saw a bird…I named him Felipe. Felipe didn’t come when he was called so I followed him into the woods as he woddled on two legs. Everyone just stared at us confused as hell… that’s when I realized they had no idea who she was and she was dressed in a Mrs. Niall Horan outfit. Niall, thinking she was a crazed fan, started to hide behind Liam for protection. ‘Oh yeah and this is Bay, Arianna’s best friend. Nothing to fear Niall. She is completely harmless. Well I think so anyways.” Harry said looking over at Bay and raising an eyebrow. “So, am I getting married to?” Niall asked coming out from behind Liam and looking at Bay. “Sure name a place and a date.” Bay says smiling teasingly and winking. “No, you’re not getting married Niall. Obviously Bay is a huge fan of yours.” Zayn says. “Damn it Zayn, ruining all the fun! And omg my Nandos is getting cold!” Bay says rushing to Harry’s car. “Swearing and she loves Nandos? I think I’m in love!” Niall says running after Bay and her bucket of Nandos chicken. We all laugh at the scene and head towards the camp fire. “Sooo, I say we play a game.” Louis says standing up. “And what kind of game do you have in mind Louis?” Danielle asks snuggling into Liam. “Hmm what about… Truth or dare?” “Played that to much.” Zayn responds. “Umm spin the bottle?” “No” Everyone simply replies. “What about flashlight tag?” He says his eyes filled with hope. “Sure why not.” Harry says getting up off the log we were sitting on. Everyone else soon followed and we chose Zayn as the first flashlight seeker. (An hour later) After an hour of playing flashlight tag we made our way back to the campfire, roasted marshmallows and headed to our separate tents. As I laid down on my sleeping bag, on the cold hard tent floor, I felt Harry crawl in next to me. ‘So love, did you have fun tonight?” “Yeah I actually had a pretty good time.” I say closing my eyes. I suddenly started shivering and started to chatter my teeth together. “Love are you cold?” Harry asks. “No, I..I..I’m fine.” I answer shivering even more. “No you’re not he says pulling me right up against him and holding me close in his arms. I was actually quite warm now and this wasn’t so bad it was actually really comfy. So without protest that is how we dozed off.

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