A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


6. Chapter 6 <3

 “Oh come on babe, don’t be like this” He says trying to capture me in a hug. Suddenly, Bay grabs me and throws me on the other side of her. “Back off Harold, she’s my hoe.” Bay exclaims. We look at Harry and he raises his eyebrows. “Your hoe?” He asks confused. “Yes, gotta problem with that bitch?” “Yes, actually I do… And what did I say about the swearing?” “I don’t give a flying fuck…” Bay muttered under her breath. “tsk tsk tsk..” He said under his breath. Suddenly, Harry’s phone rings causing him to jump. “Hello? Really? Yeah, we’ll come out and camp!” As Harry says this Bay and I exchange wtf glances and look back at Harry as he says good-bye and hangs up the phone. “Come on girls, we’re going camping!” Harry exclaims jumping up off the couch and grabbing my hand trying to pull me off. I slouch back into the couch and look up at him. “Let me get this straight and make sure my hearing is right. You want to take us, two teenage girls into the woods, where no one can hear our screams?” “Yup.” A big grin crosses over his face. “You’re fucking insane if you think I’m letting my best friend go into the woods with a freakin creepy rapist.” “Niall will be there.” “Okay! Come on Ari!” Bay exclaims jumping up off the couch. I look at Bay as if she was a lunatic with a fucking knife. “You gotta take one for the team bro.” Bay says winking at me. “So just because Niall will be there, you’re going to let your best friend get raped?” I exclaim gobsmacked.. “Eh, he’s your fiancée, it’s gonna happen eventually, so why not?” “Oh, it won’t be rape… It will be willing... No one can resist the curls.” Harry says before winking. I roll my eyes and Bay laughs. “Come on let’s go!” She says jumping up and grabbing the luggage. “I got that.” Harry says taking our luggage from her. “And wait… Ari are you actually going to step foot in the woods dressed like that?” Harry says looking me up and down. “I have nothing else I can wear into the woods… Sorry I wasn’t planning on you dragging me out there Harold.” I say folding my arms across my chest. “Here let me get you a pair of sweats and a hoodie Ari.” He says setting down the luggage and walking towards his bedroom. He came back out and handed me a pile of clothes. As I walk over to the main floors bathroom, I hear Bay say to Harry “Well that’s a start you already have her in your pants.” They both laugh and I yell back “Shuddup Bay! And like I have a choice! I’ll freeze tonight in a skirt.” And with that I slam the door. I threw on this outfit ([polyvore]) and strutted back out to where Harry and Bay stood. I have to admit these sweats are amazingly comfy and so is the hoodie he gave me. They have a cotton lining on the inside and are nice and cozy. “Ready to leave now, Love?” Harry asks putting his arm around me. I gently slipped out of his grip and answered “Yep, and don’t call me love.” I huff on my way out the door… Suddenly, I felt something smack my bum. “Harold! Hands to yourself!” I exclaim looking back with my jaw dropped. He put his hands up in protest and a smug smile spread across his face. When we got out to the car, I slid up the passenger seat and Bay climbed in back. 

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