A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


4. Chapter 4 <3

 Bay and I grab our overnight bags and climb out of the car, as Harry makes his way up the front steps. Suddenly and without warning Louis runs out of the house and tackles me in a humungous hug. “You must be Arianna? I’ve heard so much about you! Harry can never shut up about you.” Louis says in almost one breath. “Yes, I’m Arianna. And you must be Louis? It’s nice to meet you Lou.” I say as he tightens the hug. “Nice to meet you too! This is going to be so much fun!” Louis says grabbing my bags and practically skipping up the front steps. At least he is a gentleman. Why couldn’t my mum arrange me a marriage with him? I thought as Harry grabbed Bays luggage and led Bay and I up the stairs. When we got inside Lou and Bay were talking, as Harry showed me around, what was to be my new home. “And this is our room.” He said winking and coming to an end of the tour. “You mean your room. I won’t be anywhere near here. I’ll take the couch.” I say walking towards the lounge. “So let me get this straight Ari. When we’re married you’re going to sleep on the couch!?” He asked hurt and grabbing my arm so we were back by his room. He pulled me inside and we sat on the end of his bed. “Arianna, why do you hate me so much?” “I never said I hated you Harry... hate is a real strong word… we’re not to that point yet! Let’s just say you’re not one of my most liked people.” “Arianna, I’ve been waiting years to meet you! You have no idea how much you mean to me and how much I love you. I’ve been getting all your school pictures mailed to me for years…”He said getting up, walking over to his desk, and pulling out a tattered envelope. “My mum would always point at the fridge and say “There’s your princess Hazz.” And I would smile so big. I used to lie awake at night just imagining what you would be like. And now my dreams have come true and you’re here. Just please give me a chance Arianna.” He says looking down at the pictures.  “Look Harry, you’re a player. I’ve dated your kind before and have been cheated on. It really hurts, up until this day.” “Arianna I would never hurt you! And I’m not going to cheat! I am your fiancée!” Harry exclaims. I had nothing to say to Harry so I just rolled my eyes and left the room.  (Harry’s POV) After Arianna left, slamming the door, I fell back onto the bed and stared up at the ceiling. It hurt me so much knowing that she didn’t feel the same way about me as I did her. I was just another player in her eyes. There’s one thing she won’t let me explain though… I was only a flirt and player because, I knew I was going to have to get married at such a young age and I wanted to have some fun first like the rest of my friends. I want Arianna to love me so bad, but I just have to prove to her I really do love her and won’t hurt her. It would probably take a miracle for her to love me back but I will do anything to be able to hold her in my arms and call her mine. 

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