A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


3. chapter 3 <3

And with that I got up from the table and strutted out of the restaurant. I went around back and sat at the picnic table facing the river. As I sat there staring at the water, my phone started to go off playing “White and nerdy” by Weird Al…I slide open my phone, to see a message from my best friend Bay. “Hey, are we up for our sleepover tonight?” –Bay. “Yeah, I just have to find a way to leave Nandos first.” I reply. “You went to Nandos without me!  “ “I didn’t have a choice! I’ll tell you about it later” I replied before angrily sliding my phone into my purse. I can’t believe my mum did this to me! I should be able to marry whoever I fall in love with, not my mum’s best friend’s kid! It’s not fair! Arranged marriages should be illegal. I sat there angrily by the shoreline when I heard someone walking towards me. “Arianna, are you coming?” Harry asked. I turned around to face him. “Going where, Harry?” I ask annoyed. “With me, are parents agreed that you should stay at my place and move in tomorrow, so that we get used to living together and so we can get to know one another.” “Sorry, I have plans with my best friend Bay tonight.” I simply reply, hoping it will get me off the hook. “She can come too.” He says smiling. Feeling trapped I follow Harry to his car. He went around to the passenger side and opened the door for me. As I climb in, he turns on the Fray. Well at least he has good taste in music. We were almost half way to my house and I was holding onto the safety handle for dear life. God, Harry is a scary driver! I don’t know how he passed his driver’s test! “Harry! Slow the f*ck down, I would like to make it to the flat alive!” I say clinger tighter and tighter to the handle. “Oh calm down Arianna! And stop with the swearing! I’m only going 7 over we’re fine!” “You’re going 7 over on really sharp curves Harry! You’re going to get us killed!” I huff. After 6 more sharp turns Harry finally pulled into my driveway. “I’ll be right back.” I say hopping out of the car and running up to the front porch. I was about to open the door when my mum appeared with an overnight bag and hugged me goodbye. “Have fun and be safe.” My mum said before winking at me. Harry’s parents nodded in approval in the background. “Mum, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that! I will be on the total opposite end of the flat.” “Oh sweetie, give him a chance.” She says while waving at Harry, who was still in the car. “Ha I’ll try.” I say rolling my eyes and hopping down the front steps. As soon as I climb into the car and get buckled Harry pulls out of the driveway sharply. “So where does Bay live?” He asks looking over at me. “Eyes on the road Harry! And on Croftshire St., first right after this bridge up ahead. “Okay.” He simply replies. I then take out my phone and text Bay that I’m picking her up. We sat in her driveway for 3 minutes before she texted me. “Is that you out front?” “Yeah, and no screaming when you see the driver. Got it!?” ‘K” She replied. Suddenly, I saw the front door open and Bay walked out dressed like this.  [weheartit]. When she sees Harry her jaw instantly drops, her eyes get as big as golf balls. . “Sorry, I apologize in advance… Bay is huge directioner.. I think that’s what you call your fans.” I say before Bay climbs into the car. Harry then suddenly turned around to face her. “Hi, I’m Arianna’s fiancée Harry Styles.” He said reaching out his hand. “Harry stop saying that!” I say rolling my eyes and looking back at bay. “I know who you are.” She replied smiling. “And fiancée? What in the bloody hell did I miss?” “Lunch.” Harry simply replied before turning left back onto the motorway. After about 5 minutes of dead silence Bay decides to talk and save us all. “So, do I get to meet Niall?” She asked before winking. “Yes, matter a fact I believe he’s at the flat right now and is spending the night as well.” I look back to see Bailey really excited at the thought of her spending the night in the same flat as One Direction. She is a HUGE fan! I was caught off guard looking out the window, that Harry made me almost jump as he started talking. “So beautiful, are you ready to see the flat?” Harry asked looking at me and turning onto the slip-road. I just ignored him and continued looking out the window. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate. I quickly took it out at the intersection to see a message from Bay. “Why in the bloody hell didn’t you tell me you were engaged to Harry freaking Styles!?” “I didn’t even know!” I text back in protest. “How couldn’t you know you were engaged? Especially to one of the most famous guys in the world!” “Tell you when we have alone time at the flat.” “You better.” And with that I slid my phone back into my pocket. “So Bay, are you going to be the maid of honour?” Harry asked looking back at her through the rearview mirror. “Yes!” She shrieked in joy. “Who’s going to be your best man?” She asks him in return even though we all know it’s going to be Louis. “My best man shall be Louis Tomlinson.” He replies smiling and turning into the car park in front of the flat. Bay and I grab our overnight bags and climb out of the car, as Harry makes his way up the front steps. 

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