A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


22. Chapter 22 <3

Before I start this Chappy, I just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for all the support, hearts, and comments. It makes my day knowing people read and love my story. I'm so,so,so sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER. :l I've been preparing for back to school and now that it's here, I have so much homework that it's hard to find time to write. This chappy, will be in two parts. I decided to upload the first part tonight, since you have all been waiting oatiently for it. Again I apologize and I really hope you all like it! I'm really really sorry if this chappy sucks, please don't unheart it if it does, I promise it will get better!!!! Thanks again for reading and supporting me, I love you all. Have a good night and god bless. <3 Xx

I quickly pulled away from Louis, as I heard foot stoops in the hallway coming towards us. We both look over to see Harry approaching. Good thing it was dark back here and he wouldn’t have been able to see what had just happened! I quickly grabbed my pajamas and Proactiv off my bunk and made my way for the bathroom. I quickly changed and when I came out, Harry was standing there. “Ello love,” He says as he passes by me and heads into the bathroom. “Hi harry,” I say awkwardly heading back to my bunk. I wanted more than anything, to go to sleep and just forget about everything, but everything that had happened that day stayed fresh in my mind. I laid awake for hours, not being able to take it all in. Not only was I surprised that Harry acted completely normal, but I was also surprised at what Louis had said to me. And surprised that he freaking kissed me! I was freaking out. Does this make me as bad as Harry? No, it doesn’t I finally decided. Because he was the one that went out and cheated on me, I didn’t cheat. And with that I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

(1 week Later: Harry’s POV) As I stare out the bus window, I see the sun rising over the rolling hills on the East. Thoughts of what has happened the past week ran through my head over and over again. Everyone had been bitter towards me the whole time we were in Glasgow, Cardiff, Nottingham, and Birmingham. The worst part is that Lou has barely spoken a sentence to me and I still have no idea why. It’s really starting to piss me off, I’ve cried 3 out of 5 nights this week. And the only one, who has been speaking to me, is Arianna, but even she seems distant and reserved. Then there’s Bay, she hasn’t spoke to me, but has punched me about 20 times for no reason at all this week. I swear, if she punches me one more time, I’ll explode. As I let out a sigh, Paul walked into the living room. “Why are you up so early Harry?” He asks as he sits down next to me. “Lots on my mind I suppose,” I answer as I fumble with my hands. “Are you okay? You look a little down?” “Yeah, I’m fine I suppose,” “No, you’re not Harry. What’s wrong?” “The band is ignoring me. None of them will talk to me and I don’t know why.” I answer almost in a whisper. “Give them a little time Harry; I know they’ll open up about it. Don’t worry. And we have the Brit Awards tonight. They have to socialize with you there,” He says patting my shoulder. “Thanks Paul,” I say smiling. I forgot all about the Brits. I was happy to know, that they would have to talk to me. I didn’t even care if it was by force as long as I had some socialization! I sat there for a few more minutes, before I heard someone walking into the lounge. I look up to see Arianna in her pj shorts and a tank top. She crossed her arms over her chest and shivered. “Love, are you cold?” I ask. “No, I’m fine,” She says quietly. “No you’re not, here,” I say slipping off my Purple Jack Wills Pullover hoodie. I threw it to her and she threw it on. “Thanks Hazz,” She says about to sit down next to me. I gently grab her by the hips and place her sideways on my lap. She looked kind of annoyed, but I blew it off. I’ve had a shitty week. She then went silent for a few moments.

(Arianna’s POV) As I sit on Harry’s lap, I still couldn’t believe how normal he’s acted this week. No sense of guilt what so ever. It made me sick. This past week Louis and I have been hanging out more and more and everyone seemed to be ignoring Harry and not talking to him.  Harry started looking really bummed halfway through the week, when even Lou wouldn’t talk to him. He looked really crushed. I’ve been having to talk to Harry all week though. Well at a minimum anyways, since we have to be seen together in front of the paparazzi. I was starting to really hate this. “Are you ready to walk the red carpet tonight?” Harry asks smiling. “No,” I reply quietly. “Why not, love?” “Because, I’m nervous,” I reply. “Don’t worry Ari, everything will turn out perfectly.” “I hope you’re right Harry,” “I am,” “Arianna, you and Bay have to meet up with Louise to get your hair and make-up done. She wants to start on you before she does the boys,” Paul says from the kitchen. “Ok. I’ll go wake her up.” She says going to get up. I kiss her on the cheek, before letting her go. I then sit watch as she walks away.

(Arianna’s POV) After eating breakfast at I HOP, Paul drops Bay and I off to Louise the boy’s hair and make-up artist. “Hello girls,” She says greeting us with a big hug. “Hello Louise!” We both answer. “Are you girls excited to get ready for the Brit Awards?” “Yeah, but very nervous,” I answer fumbling. “No need to be nervous! I promise you girls will look amazing!” “Thanks Lou,” we respond smiling. “Lux!” I say while running over to the little baby girl as she laid on a pink fuzzy blanket. “Aww don’t you look adorable today!” I coo as I pick her up. “Ha she just woke up, just before you walked in,” Louise says as she sets up a chair in front of the vanity. “So who’s first?” She asks patting the chair. “Bay can go, I’ll take care of Lux for you,” I reply smiling. I was surprised, when it only took her an hour and a half to get Bay ready for the red carpet. She looked amazing! She was dressed to match Niall, wearing this [polyvore]. And her hair was in loose waves with a braid across the back. “You look amazing Bay!” I say as she gets up from the chair. “Thanks Ari,” She says smiling big. I could tell she was excited for tonight. As I sit down in the chair Louis takes out my messy bun. “So, what are we going to do with your hair? Do you have anything specific?” “I like it in curls,” Is all I reply. She then gets to work. First, she washes my hair and pulls it up into a towel before waxing my eyebrows. Then she paints my nails a very pretty shimmery black. Once she is all finished with that, she finally pulls the towel off my head and gets to work. When she finished, I was stunned. It looked absolutely amazing! “It looks amazing!” I say astonished. “Thanks,” Louise answers heading over to one of the cabinets. She came back with a beautiful dress, which I’m guessing will match Harry. “Here, try this on,” She says smiling. I look at it and see that it’s about mid-thigh length and fades from black, to gray, to white. It was adorable. ([polyvore])  I grab the dress from her, and make my way to the fitting room she has set up. As I zip up the dress, it almost falls straight off. That’s when it hit me… I’ve lost so much weight from starving myself that my old dress size isn’t going to fit me anymore. I undo the dress and look into the full length mirror. I notice that I can see my ribs and I look about 15 lbs. skinnier. I smiled at the thought of being 105 lbs. but then remembered what I was doing to myself was terrible… the smile quickly faded and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. As soon as I was sure I wasn’t going to cry, I zip up the dress and hold it close to me, as I make my way back to Louise. “Does it fit?” She asks eagerly. “No, it’s loose,” I say sadly. “How loose?” “It’s falling off of me,” “I could have sworn they said your dress size was a 3,” She says apologetically. “It was,” I replied. “Okay, well go take it off and I’ll hem it real fast for you,” Louise says. “Okay” Is all I reply before starting to make my way back to the dressing room. On my way there, I see Bay looking over at me sadly… already knowing why my dress size wasn’t right. I can see the pain in her face. When I bring the dress out back to Louise, I was expecting Bay to scream at me, but she didn’t she just sat there glumly, about ready to pick at her freshly painted nails. A bad habit she’s always had. After Louise fixes the dress and it fits, Bay and I head back to the tour bus, before the big night out.

(Bay’s POV) When Arianna walked out in that dress, it looked gorgeous… until I saw that it was about to fall off of her. Paul had collected our dress sizes at the beginning of the tour, so there is no way Louise ordered the wrong size. Then it hit me, my best friend was becoming anorexic again. The beginning of freshman year; Arianna was dating a guy named James. They were adorable together, they really were, but as the year went on, Arianna started to get bullied by James’ ex-girlfriends and jealous people who wanted to date him. I tried to help her as much as I could, but her self-esteem slowly drained away day after day. It killed me inside to see her depressed like that. As the self-esteem issues got worse, she stopped eating. The worst part is I didn’t even start to notice, until she was admitted into ER. She hid it very sneakily, so I wouldn’t notice, but I still hate myself for not seeing what was going on and being so blind. I could have lost my best friend that day.

(Flashback) I was sitting on the bench that is hollowed into my window, curled up under a blanket, reading harry Potter, when my phone started to vibrate and made me jump. I quickly tried to answer my phone, fumbling it in my hands. “Hello?” I answer. “Bay, you need to get to the ER NOW!” Arianna’s mum screamed frantically. Without further hesitation, I answered, “Okay, I’ll be right there!” When I hung up, my heart dropped. I had a terrible feeling that I had lost my best friend. I run downstairs and scream, “You have to take me to the ER NOW.” “Why?” My mum answered startled by the intenseness in my voice. “It’s Ari! She’s in ER, her mum just called!” I sputtered. “Let’s go,” My mum says, grabbing her keys off the counter without any further hesitation. My mum has always thought of Arianna as her own daughter, and would do anything for her. I know Ari’s mum felt the same way about me too. When we finally got to the hospital, I bolted inside. “Can you please tell me which room I can find Arianna Smith?” I spat, out of breath. “She’s in room 1111.” The receptionist answers robotically. “Thanks,” I say as I dart for the lift. As soon as the lift doors opened, I ran down the hall and to the door of room 1111. I was out of breath and stopped to open the door. When I walked in, I see my best friend lying on a hospital bed, IV’s stuck into her arms. Her mum was sitting next to her, holding her hand and crying. I bolted towards Ari, tears gliding down my face. I started to sob, as I hugged her cold body.

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