A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


21. Chapter 21 <3

(Bay’s POV) As I look at the picture on Zayn’s camera, anger rushes through my whole body. How could Harry do this to Ari? He’s always going on about how much he loves her and how he’ll never hurt her then he does this? I can’t believe him at the moment, he disgusts me. When he walks through that door, I will kill him. I started to clench my fists and I guess Niall saw the anger raging through me, because he grabbed me by the hips and sat me on his lap, running his fingers through my hair. I started to calm down and the lads cracked some jokes, making us smile. Right after Louis cracked a joke we heard the tour bus door creak open. Our smiles instantly dropped, when we saw Harry walk into the room. No one said a word to him. I was expecting Arianna or Louis to gouge his eyes out, but they just sat there, with no sign of getting up what-so-ever. This is where I got majorly confused. I did see the glare Louis gave him though. (Arianna’s POV) Me, Bay, and the lads sat around cracking jokes and having a good time until Harry walked in. When I first saw the picture, I wanted to gouge his eyes out and scream furiously at him, but when he actually walked into the room, I grew silent. I decided not to say anything to him. As soon as he walked backed to the bathroom, I thought I should tell Bay and the lads that we’re not telling Harry we know. “Guys,” I start off. “Yeah,” They answer all turning their attention towards me. “We’re not telling Harry we know, he should eventually feel guilty and spill.” I say self-assuring. They all agreed, and grew silent as Harry walked back into the room. He walked right over to me, and cuddled me onto his lap before kissing the tip of my nose. I looked over to see Louis furious. I could tell he was holding back everything he wanted to scream at the moment. He started to bite his lip, as Niall fastened Bay onto his lap. I could see she was ready to kill Harry. “How was your day, love?” Harry asked while stroking my hair. “It was good. Bay and I went to the mall and out for some Starbucks.” “Well that’s great, love. I’m glad you had a good day,” Harry replies smiling. “Yeah, we all know you did,” Louis whispered harshly. Me, Bay, Niall, and Zayn look at Louis with a death stare and he instantly shut up. “Well, I better be going,” Louis says before getting up and leaving the room to head back to his bunk. I could see in Louis eyes how much he wanted to scream at Harry and cuss him out, but he didn’t, he stayed calm for me and did what was best. “Well, Bay and I are going to go out to dinner like I promised her, so we will see you guys later. I’m starved.” Niall says grabbing Bay’s hand and helping her up. She and Niall were walking to the door, when suddenly she turns around, walks up to Harry and slaps him across the face. “Owww!” Harry says rubbing his cheek. “Byeee,” Bay called as she walked out the door. “What was that for?” Harry asks me while still rubbing his cheek. “I have no clue,” I reply without stuttering. “Huh,” “Well, I better go back and get my pajamas on.” I say getting up from the couch and heading back to the bunk room. The whole time, I felt Harry’s eyes lingering on me. God he’s such a pig, I can’t believe him. “Hey” I say sitting down next to Louis on his bed. Louis said nothing for a few moments, he just sat there staring down and fumbling with his hands. “Arianna, why aren’t you going to tell him that you know?” Louis finally asks. I could see the pain in his eyes. “Because Louis, he shouldn’t have done it in the first place, and I don’t want to start a bunch of unnecessary fighting and drama. I don’t want to be the reason the band splits.” I say before biting my lip. “Arianna, you deserve so much better than this,” “Thanks Lou,” “Arianna, I could treat you so much better,” Before I could answer, I felt Louis’ lips on mine. Sparks flew everywhere, scratch that Bombs were exploding! It was the most magical thing I had ever felt in my entire life.

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