A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


17. Chapter 17 <3

 (Mine and Louis’ Night Out) After a long day of photo shoots and interviews, Louis came back to the bus, ready to take me out. I wore this ([polyvore]). “Ariiiii!!!!!!!!!!” Lou screams as he runs inside the tour bus. When he sees me, he tackles me in a hug, landing us both on my bunk. “Louis!” I say as he rolls off me and lies next to me. “Ready for our night out” He asks looking over and grinning at me cheekily. “Yes! I’m so excited! Where are we going?” I ask rolling onto my side and staring into his gorgeous blue eyes. “You’ll see.” He says kissing my forehead and jumping out of the bunk. He reaches out his hand, and I take it, following him out of the bus. We walk down the street, until I see a bunch of flashing lights. Louis, still holding my hand, drags me towards the lights. As we get closer, I notice that we are at a huge boardwalk. (flickr.com/photos/dmzajac2004/7470955574/lightbox/ ) There’s people everywhere, bustling around trying to get to the rides. As we walked through the boardwalk, an aroma of elephant ears filled the air. “Hey Ari, do you want a delicious elephant ear?” Louis asks starting to lead us towards the booth. “Ummm…. No thanks, I’m not hungry.” I reply even though I was starving. I felt too fat to eat anything….. As we continued to make our way through the fair, Lou suddenly stopped. I looked over and he gasped at something. “Louis, are you okay?” I ask as he just stands there with his jaw dropped. “ROLLLERRRRRCOASSTERRRR!!!!” He yells dragging me over to it. The thing was huge! It was all wood, and you could see that it had been built years and years ago. I was proved right, when it squeaked as the carts went whizzing by us. It didn’t even look like there was any support! It was a giant death trap in my opinion. “Louis, I am not going on that.” I say pointing up at the huge 200 ft. drop. “Oh come on Ari! It’ll be fun! I promise.” He whines. “Lou that is a death trap just waiting to happen” I whisper harshly. “I promise I’ll keep you safe, I’ll hold you the whole time if you want me to. I’ll keep you safe beautiful.” “Fine, I guess I’ll go. But if I die, you are responsible.” I tease before poking his nose. As we make our way to the front of the line, I could hear people talking around us. Louis then whispered and rolled his eyes, “Gosh, can’t people ever just leave us alone.” I just laugh as we step up to get in the carts of doom.  I was shaking with fear as the bars collapsed onto my knees. Louis scooted over and put his arms around me, wrapping me in a hug. I could smell his Hollister aftershave as he laid his head on my right shoulder. God he smelled so good! I almost forgot I was on the ride, when suddenly I started to hear squeaking. That’s when I realized, the ride has just begun. Louis wraps one arm around me, pulling me close, and with his free hand grabs mine and interlaces our fingers. As we go down the drop, I scream bloody murder and squeeze Louis’ hand. I think I squeezed so hard I could’ve broken it. But when I look over at him, he is just smiling away. As the ride comes to an end, I feel very dizzy. Louis gets up out of the cart and reaches out his hand waiting for me to grab it. I grab it and get out of the cart, trying not to fall. Louis laughs as I try to not to stumble down the exit ramp. “So what did I tell you? Fun wasn’t it?” He says as we walk towards the carnival games. “I thought I was going to die!” I exclaim. “But I kept you safe, now didn’t I?” He smirks. “Yes, yes you did Lou.” I say back before kissing his cheek. “Thank you.” I whisper. “No problem, Love.” He says as we walk over to a stand where you can win giant stuffed teddy bears. “Hello, would you like to play?” Asks the carnie as we approach. “Yes, I would love to.” Louis says handing him some cash. On his first shot, Louis wins. “What would you like sir” The carnie asks pointing to the row of stuffed bears. “I would like that lovely bear on the left!” Louis says pointing at a large white teddy bear! It looked so soft and plush; I just wanted to snuggle right up to it. “Here you go, the man says handing Louis the rather large bear. The bear is bigger than he is! ([wholesale-retail-TEDDY-BEAR-55-GIANT-TOY-1-4m-STUFFED-PLUSH...) “Here you go, Love.” Louis says handing me the bear. “Louis, it’s yours, you won it!” “I want you to have it.” He says smiling at me. “Thanks Louis.” I say accepting the gift. After I had the bear tightly in my arms, we walked down to the beach. It’s the perfect night out. The sky is cloudless, with a billion stars shining brightly above us. We sat down in the sand, by the water and laid down, looking up at the stars. “It sure is beautiful tonight.” I say looking dreamily into the sky. “Not as beautiful as you Arianna. If I have one wish, it is to keep you safe and happy, even if you can never be with me, I will make sure you always have those two things.” I didn’t know how to respond. I was supposed to be marrying Harry but tonight, felt like a dream. It felt like I was reading my favourite Nicholas Sparks books and Lou and I were the main characters. I felt as if Louis and I were meant to be, but my mum had screwed up my life of ever being with him.

 (Thank you all so much for reading and hearting this story! I really really appreciate it! And did I do a good job with this chappy?) Have a nice night and God Bless Xx

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