A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


13. Chapter 13 <3

(Thursday 9:45 AM) The last couple of days, me, Louis, and Harry have been running around trying to get everything ready for the tour. Bay and Niall finally hooked up and everything was going great. I was actually really excited to go with the boys. Paul promised me, that he would get me back here safe and sound. And I trust him with everything I have. “Are you almost done packing?” Bay asks walking into mine and Harry’s bedroom. “Yeah, I just have a few more things to pack.” I say as I throw the piles of clothes I had laid all over the bed into a duffel bag. “So, are you excited?” She asks plopping down onto the bed and looking up at the ceiling. “Yeah, it’s going to be a ton of fun!” I say zipping up the suitcase and gently tossing it over by the door. Seconds later, Harry comes in and grabs me by the waist from behind. “I’ll take our luggage down to the bus beautiful, you go relax.” “Thanks Hazz.” I say as he kisses my cheek and grabs the duffel bags. Harry and I have been getting along great lately; I really hope he doesn’t ruin it. “So, you and Hazza finally getting along” Bay asks playfully while raising an eyebrow. “Yeah, I just hope it stays this way.” I say plopping down on the bed. “I’m sure it will.” She says reassuringly. “Time to leave everyone” We hear Paul shout from the front door. “Yay” Bay and I say hopping off the bed and running for the door. As soon as Bay see’s Niall, she runs over and jumps on his back. “Nialler” She screams giggling. He looks back and smiles at her before continuing to carry her to the tour bus. When they get to the door, Niall sets her down and kisses her forehead. She smiles and he grabs her hand and leads her up the stairs into the bus. I follow shortly behind them, making my way back to the bunks. I saw that everyone had their own except me and Bay. I had to bunk with Harry and Bay with Niall. I sighed and gently threw my laptop bag on the bunk and headed back up to the lounge where everyone else was waiting. When Harry saw me, he waved me over to the couch and sat me on his lap. As he cradled me in his arms, I could feel my eyelids get heavier and heavier. I was still tired and this was pretty comfy. After lying in his arms for about 5 minutes, I fell fast asleep. (Harry’s POV) As I cradled Ari in my arms, I couldn’t think about anything other than how beautiful she is. I look down to see a light smile spread across her face. I quickly took out my cell phone and smile next to her snapping the most adorable picture. I set it as my background and then posted it on Twitter with the caption “Me and my beautiful fiancée @AriMarie143! Love you babe xxx” I then closed my phone and fell fast asleep with my head resting on hers. “Harry! What did you do!” Ari screamed. I suddenly jumped up panicked at why everyone was screaming. I woke up to see Ari furious and crying and management and the boys surrounding me. “What’s going on?” I ask making my way over to Arianna. “Back away Harold.” She scowls with a sinister look on her face. “Harry, why would you do that? Are you stupid?” Liam asks. “What did I do that was so bad?” I ask everyone. After I asked that, Arianna got up and headed back to the bunk, Louis and Bay following at her heels. “Get on twitter and see for yourself.” Liam spat before turning off his cell and turning on Toy Story. As I read the tweets that were being sent to Ari my stomach twisted. I felt awful. The fans were going to find out eventually though and I just had to tweet the photo it was adorable. That was it, I had to go on Twitcam and talk to the fans. If they’re going to treat my fiancée like this, they’re definitely no fans of mine. It made me sick to my stomach seeing how my fans were treating the one I love. This is why I always feared getting a girlfriend. I knew they would somehow mess it up and start things. I quickly logged onto my laptop and signed into Twitcam. As soon as I tweeted that I was on Millions of people started to watch.


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