A Twist in Fate

Arianna Smith has an arranged marriage to the one and only Harry Styles.. Most girls would die to be in her position, but Arianna would rather die than marry him. She absolutely cannot stand him. Will she learn to love him? Or will she fall for another member of the band? The ending may surprise you(:


1. Chapter 1 <3

“Arianna, wake up.” My mum said shaking me. “Mum, come on, it’s the first day of summer break! Just let me sleep in!” I plead rolling back over on my side and closing my eyes. “Ari, you have to get used to waking up early. You’re starting college in the fall.” “But mum! It’s summer!” I whine, closing my eyes even harder and shoving my head under a pillow as she opens up the drapes letting the morning light flow in. Finally, after 5 minutes of not being able to fall back asleep, I got up. I walked over to the bathroom, started my shower and picked out my outfit for the day ([polyvore]). As soon as I got out and threw on my outfit, I curled my hair in long ringlets and applied natural looking make-up. “Arianna, breakfast is ready.” Mum yelled from down stairs. “Coming mum!” I yell running down the stairs. As soon as I walk into the kitchen, I smell the delicious crumpets and eggs. “Here’s your breakfast” My mum says, handing me a plate full of delicious looking food. “Thanks Mum” I say taking the food and sitting down at the bar stool. After I finished eating breakfast, I went outside and sat on the swing in the garden. As I sat there, I closed my eyes and inhaled the fresh ocean air. It’s so peaceful out here. I can hear the birds squawking in the distance and the waves crashing gently against the shoreline. After Lying out here 15 minutes, I grabbed my Nicholas Sparks book and began to read it. I was a good 2 hours into my book and about finished, when my mum came out of the patio door and walked over to me. “Arianna, come inside and get ready we’re going to lunch in ten.” “Why are we going out for lunch?” I ask curiously. “I’m going to meet up with some old friends of mine for lunch at Nandos, and they would like to see you too. They haven’t seen you since you were a month old!” She replies. “Oh, Okay. Just let me run up and throw my book on my bed.” I say getting up and strutting towards the stairs. When I jog back down, I see my mum standing there texting someone on her mobile. “Ok Ari, come on.” She says walking out the front door. As we drove in the car, we blasted my new favourite album by the Fray. I loved them so much; they’re one of my absolute favourite bands. They aren’t like those new younger bands, that have a bunch of big headed, stuck up guys that think they can get whatever they want just because they’re famous. Those kinds of guys annoy the bloody hell out of me. After 10 minutes, we finally pulled into Nando’s. “Mum, I’d rather not eat here today.” I say as I see Harry Styles from One Direction, step out of his Audi R8 Coupe next to us. “Why not?” She asked curiously. “Because, mum. Harry Styles from One Direction is here, you know I don’t like him… all young pop stars are stuck up and big headed. And he’s the biggest flirt ever! He thinks he can get any girl that he lays eyes on.” I say before rolling my eyes. “Oh, he can’t be that bad sweetie.” My mum says smiling and opening her door. I slowly open mine, trying not to hit Harry who was holding a huge bouquet of roses. He’s probably meeting someone here before leading them back to his flat as usual. I looked in front of me and saw that Instead of heading straight into the restaurant, my mum walked around to my side of the car and stood between the two cars blocking me from exiting. Suddenly, I felt someone’s arms wrap around my waist.  

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