The Bully

A poem about bullying from both people's points of view


1. Tasha

Walk in, there she is

how can she even get away with this

walk past don't look

wait she's holding the necklace she took

she holds it in my face

I feel my heart begin to race


this is the last straw

i can't take anymore

I would tell someone

but to do that there needs to be someone

I'm all alone

just leave me to moan and groan


it probably hurts her deep inside

though i have to do it to keep my pride

but she acts like such a brat i say

just to keep the guilt away

i wave the necklace in her face

hoping that her heart will race


what if she tells someone

about the awful things i've done

what happens if they tell my dad?

that will make him really mad

oh no i wish i hadn't done it now

I am such a stupid thoughtless cow!


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