Love is a hard thing (One Direction) One shot

It is a story i made to my english class so it is a one shot.


1. Love is a hard thing <3



It was a normally morning like other days or I thought. It was Sunday and the weather was sunny and there was no wind.  My phone started to ring it was Harry my best friend. Just wen I sees his name I starts to smile. Harry always makes me smile. It took the phone. “Hi it is Jasmin,” I said. “Jasmin it is Harry” He said. “Come to our place when you are ready” He said and then closed the call. It was the great thing about me and Harry’s friendship we didn’t need to say a whole sentence. I took my bike and biked out to the forest. Where our places are. It is a little tree house we had built wen we was smaller.  


I placed my bike at the ground and ran up to the tree house. Harry stood and waited for up in the tree house. He walk back and forth and bite him self in his lip.  He looked surprised on me “Are you all ready here?” He said and smiled to me. “Yes I was done went you called me” I said and smiled back to him. “Jasmin I need to talk with you about something” He said and started to bite him self in his lip again. What was wrong with him? He was never like that. Something was wrong. I didn’t knew what but something.


Harry took one step and was now even closer to my. He took my hand in his hand and looked deep into my eyes. “Jassy you mean a lot to me” he said. “Hazza you also mean a lot to me” He stopped me. “Jasmin let my talk and then you can talk after” He said. “Jassy what I’m going to say is I’m in love with you” He said and looked down. “Harry you are what?” I said surprised. “I knew it was a bad idea” He said and took his hand to him. “Harry I’m glad you tell me but I’m just surprised” I said and took his hand back into mine. “I will give you some time to think over it. Call me wen you know what you want” And then he left me alone. 


I looked down at my phone again. I have done it at least 100 times now. It was about an hour a go Harry left my alone. I took my phone back in my pocket. No! I need to call Harry now! I found Harry number and call him up. “Harry…” “Yes” “I know what I want”    


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