Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


25. What the? (13+)

Mikayla P.O.V


We were close to the end of the movie. Toy Story 3. I Started tearing up. Abit. I looked around and i realized Danielle and Harry werent in the room any more. Where could they be? Oh i wonder.... i dont even wanna think about that..... Liam looked like Everyone he loved just died. His eyes were filled with tears. Lindsey well she was erm... her mouth was open and her head looked like it was straight in line with her neck and her eyes were shimmering probally from the tears. Louis was on the ground rocking back and forth. Niall wa-....he had amanda on his lap and they were cuddling not even paying attention to the movie. O-la-la Love Birdss!!! Zayn was on his phone doing something. Just not even watching the Movie.


*After the movie*


I stood up. Looked around. And i walked up stairs to Danielles room and got changed. Her parents werent home cause Her dads, Uncle wasnt doing good so he had to leave and they had guests and they couldent wait till they left so they got on the earlest flight a quater in to the movie. Her dad really didnt want us staying alone with boys but he trusted us and he met harry and thought he was really nice and will treat Danielle like a woman should be treated. So touching i think i might cry. no. I walked back down stairs and Louis was sitting there on the couch next to Zayn. I decided to go sit next to both of them.

"Where is everyone?" i asked.

"Oh Niall and Amanda went somewhere and erm... Liam went to bed." Lou responded.

"But its only like 10! wait weres Lindsey?"

"Oh i think she went with Liam in the pool house to go to 'bed' to"

"Okay thanks!" i jumped up out og the chair and walked to the pool house.

I herd Lindseys laugh and im guessing liams, and then it went quiet. I opened the door and there they were sitting on the couch, umm.. having a make out session.

i cleared my throat. Lindsey broke away from liam and looked at me. Liam turned around to look to. His face turned red and Lindsey was mouthing something i couldent understand. I started Laughing. Liam turned aroung back to Lindsey and she smiled. 

"Ahahahahhaaaa Omg ahhahahaaaa sorry you guys are dating im assuming?"

"Hmmmm.. Yea?" Lindsey studdered to say.

"Okay well i will leave you two. To do whatever you were just doing. Ahahhaaaa" I still couldent believe they were just making out and i walked in.

"Well bye!" Lindsey yelled.

"Bye Bye Loveees" I walked out the door. Wait if Lindsey and Liam are there where are Danielle and Harry. I might just have to check The basement. I walked inside The house and Louis and Zayn didnt move. I still was laughing abit. I love walking in on The girls....Only when they have a 'Friend' over. I walked through the kitchen and passes the living room where the basement door was. I tried to open it. It was locked. Im guessing there down there.


Danielles P.O.V.


After my parents Left to go to Maine for my Uncle i grabbed Harrys hand and we crawled out of the room to not be seen. We went down in my basement. "Were alone" He said. Grabbing my hips and spun me. "I just wanted to go in the hot tub with you! not have sex in it." " I was inbetween his legs and his face was in line with my stomach. "What are you gonna do now" I laughed. "You always get your way" He slowly stood and kissed my neck. He Slowly tugged my shirt over my head. I felt him throw it somewhere. He then moved to my pants. "These jeans make your legs look so good," He said in between kisses. He pulled off my jeans and threw them again. I stood there in my bra and Underwear. "I think this shirt needs to go to," he pulled off his shirt smiling "These trousers to." He pulled them off and threw both somewhere. We had a bed room down stairs so he saw the bed and grabbed my waist again and pulled me onto the bed with him. "Harry," i groaned, as he kissed my neck. He laughed, "We might not be able to do this since i have guests" i pointed to the ceiling. "Okay then we have to make it last untill we can" He unclipped my bra and threw it across the room hitting the wall, He rolled to be on top of me, he pulled of his boxers and i pulled off my underwear. He was hard. I grabbed the condom that he set on the side table after he unclipped my bra and i rolled it on him. He moaned. I laughed as he kissed my collarbone hungrily. My hands were in his hair as he pressed into me. I moaned and he echoed it. He was going abit softly, so i presed my mouth to his ear as he slid up against me. "Harder Harry," i whispered. He groaned and went a little harder, picking up his pace. And just to ruin the moment I heard a the basement door handle try to be opened. Then the phone rang. "Dont anwser it" i panted. "i have to. it could be mangement," he groaned. Trying to sound nonchalant, he answered his phone. "Hello," his voice was hoarse, "Louis?" i rolled my eyes. what could he want hes just upstairs. "No were busy." He pressed up against my body and kissed at my neck as Louis spoke. i moaned yearning for more. "Well were busy." i moaned again as he moved alittle. He pressed a finger inbetween my lips again. I licked and pulled it in between my teeth. That made him moan. "No," he groaned, "I said were busy Louis. Bye." He hung up and moved back to me, apparently neeing it more and more. My phone beeped but i ignored it. Once he pulled out, he pulled me into his body. "I love you," he whispered. i smiled, "I love you to." I picked up my phone to check the message. From: Louis:D Having a good round? i slapped my forehead and showed harry. We both laughed. "Im gonna be inappropriate for a few seconds," i raised an eyebrow and giggled to what i was about to text back. To: Louis:D Harry got a whole in One ^.^. i laughed. "Did you just refer sex to golf?" Harry smiled. From Louis:D What the? To: Louis:D It was hard to get a whole in one. We were laughing our heads off. From: Louis:D I dont wanna know about Harrys Golf club.... ;)  To: Louis:D Ahaha Bye Bye.. we will be up soon :p ""Lets get dressed" I streched. Harry smiled and grabbed my waist leading me to find our clothes. I put my clothes on. Harry pulled his pants on and then his shirt. He didnt zipper his pants. "You can controll those pants but, im controlling the Zipper" I zipped his pants and smiled and walked up the stairs. Right before i was going to unlock the door i turned around and Harry was standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Dont look so proud of your self" i said smiling as he walked up the stairs and we walked out from the basement.







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